Today we celebrate marshmallows!

Marshmallows, National Marshmallow Day, S'mores, Toasted MarshmallowsDid you know that today is National Marshmallow Toasting Day? Having a fireside toasting party is a fabulous idea for bringing friends and families together. Invented by Earnest Patrick Finn during the late 18th century, creating a caramelized, golden brown outer skin over an open fire, the toasted marshmallow is enjoyed by itself or incorporated in a delectable sweet treat. The ever popular S’mores are made by placing toasted marshmallows on a slice of chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers.

For you savvy homemakers, click here to check out this homemade marshmallow recipe! During the cold months, they are great with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Enjoy!

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North Carolina Poet Launches Poets for Hunger© Mission To Give Back

North Carolina Poet Launches Poets for Hunger© Mission To Give Back

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Kym Gordon Moore, Founder of Poets for Hunger© announces the official launch of this not-for-profit platform, to bring greater awareness to the various aspects of hunger, through the efforts and support of the poetry community.
Poets for Hunger© is working to feed the mind, body and spirit through poetry
Poets for Hunger© is working to feed the mind, body and spirit through poetry

PRLogAug. 18, 2014CHARLOTTE, N.C.North Carolina poet, Kym Gordon Moore announces the official launch of Poets for Hunger©, a not-for-profit mission to feed and edify the mind, body and spirit through poetry. This platform is designed to rally poets into bringing greater awareness to the various aspects of hunger, through the efforts and support of the poetry community.

Kym Gordon Moore, Founder for Poets for Hunger© (PFH) and author of “Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry,” developed this platform to integrate her community outreach work with her love of poetry. Such incorporation includes eradicating the lack of food, increasing cognitive performance and improving emotional deficiency. According to Moore, “There are many poets in our local, national and global communities, using their poetic efforts to enhance lives and give back. Through such efforts, these poets also promote the arts and humanities. I am grateful for and encouraged by the type of support and excitement I see generated throughout the community with poetry. Through Poets for Hunger© I want poets everywhere to use this platform to show the type of impact they are making in their communities, while enhancing the poetry genre.” To learn more about Poets for Hunger©, visit Check out their video at

Beginning September 1, 2014, Poets for Hunger© will begin collecting non-perishable food, in conjunction with the resident poets of the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center. These donations will benefit local families in need for Thanksgiving. Those attending the monthly poetry open mic events are asked to bring at least 1 canned good or other non-perishable food item for their September, October and November readings, which occurs on the second Saturday each month. The monthly open mic readings at the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center in Indian Trail, North Carolina, are free to the public.

Poets for Hunger© continues to collect Box Tops for Education labels to benefit a local school. Labels for the 2014-2015 school year will be donated to Indian Trail Elementary School, in Indian Trail, North Carolina. If you do not have a school in your area to support with the Box Tops for Education program, feel free to donate them to Poets for Hunger© instead of throwing them away. For more information about this project and others, email POH at

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Introducing Poets for Hunger

poets for hunger, poetry, kym gordon moore, the poetry community

Today is the official launch of my mission-driven movement, Poets for Hunger©. There are many in our community of poets and authors who do so much to bring greater awareness to poetry through many benevolent mediums. For years, I was working on different types of community outreach projects to feed the body, mind and spirit with a diverse audience. Now, I am making it official, because I found out that many of you out there have a story to tell. I want to use this platform with Poets for Hunger© to share that with the world. You can email me at Check out our website and be sure to follow us on our social media channels. We will reciprocate. Meanwhile, please feel free to enjoy our premier video!

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Candid Camera Returns During National Smile Month!

Candid Camera, Allen Funt, Peter Funt,

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For those of you who remember the wacky world of Allen Funt’s television series Candid Camera, it left us laughing scene after scene. Funt was the host or co-hosted all versions of this show before his illness. His son Peter Funt co-hosted specials with his father and became the producer and host. The series began 66 years ago, on August 10, 1948. The last original broadcast was on May 5, 2004.

But for the diehard fans of Candid Camera who welcomed the laughter in the midst of daily disheartening news, guess what? It’s back! That’s right, the New Candid Camera is coming to TV Land. Peter Funt will co-host with Mayim Bialik who we recognize from the Big Bang Theory. New episodes will air at 8:00pm Monday-Thursday, during the first week.

The show will then air weekly on Tuesdays, starting Aug. 19. It is reported that Carnie Wilson, Reggie Jackson and Megan Hilty will help pull off the hidden-camera gags!

SMILE…You’re on Candid Camera!


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Celebrating National Smile Month in August

National Smile Month, Smiling, SmileIt takes a lot of work from the face to let out a smile, but just think what good smiling can bring to the most important muscle of the body… the heart.
~Author Unknown

Needless to say National Smile Month is pretty self explanatory. This facial expression formed by flexing the muscles near both ends of your mouth form an expression of happiness, pleasure and even involuntary anxiety. Sometimes smiling faces can also be deceptive.

Many say smiling is quite beneficial because it can emit confidence, reduce stress, lowers your blood pressure and even boosts your immune system. A smile is just a frown turned upside down. Do you remember any of these title songs using “Smile” that made you feel good?

Behind A Painted Smile – 1969 – Isley Brothers

Born With A Smile On My Face – 1974 – Stephanie De Sykes

Can’t Smile Without You – 1978 – Barry Manilow

Certain Smile, A – 1958 – Johnny Mathis

Crooked Smile – 2013 – J. Cole featuring TLC

I Love Your Smile – 1992 – Shanice

I Smile – 2011 – Kirk Franklin

Inner Smile – 2001 – Texas

Just One Smile – 1966 – Gene Pitney

Just To See You Smile – 1998 – Tim McGraw

Keep On Smilin’ – 1974 – Wet Willie

Make Me Smile – 1970 – Chicago

Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) – 1975 – Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel

No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile – 1962 – Everly Brothers

Sara Smile (won’t you smile awhile for me, Sara) – 1976 – Hall & Oates

Secret Smile – 1999 – Semisonic

Smile – 1954 – Nat King Cole

Smile – 1997 – Scarface featuring 2 Pac and Johnny P

Smile – 1999 – Vitamin C featuring Lady Saw

Smile – 2007 – Lily Allen

Smile – 2009 – Uncle Kracker

Smile – 2011 – Avril Lavigne

Smile A Little Smile For Me (Rosemarie; what’s the use in crying?) – 1969 – Flying Machine

Smiling Bill McCall – 1960 – Johnny Cash

Smiling Faces Sometimes (they don’t tell the truth; beware of the handshake) – 1971 – The Undisputed Truth

Sunshine Of Your Smile – 1980 – Mike Berry

Sweetest Smile – 1987 – Black

U Smile – 2010/2011 – Justin Bieber

When I See You Smile (I can face the world, oh I can do anything) – 1989 – Bad English

When My Little Girl Is Smiling – 1962 – Craig Douglas

When My Little Girl Is Smiling – 1962 – Jimmy Justice

Your Smiling Face – 1977 – James Taylor

One of my favorite “Smile” songs was the Charlie Chaplin song that Michael Jackson sang. It was based on an instrumental theme used in the 1936 soundtrack for Charlie Chaplin’s movie “Modern Times.” Life is still worthwhile, if you just smile. Listen and enjoy!


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Shopping Cart Madness

Shopping Carts, Abandoned Shopping CartsEvery time I shop any store where shopping carts are available for their customer’s convenience (i.e. supermarket, big box stores, etc.), I become annoyed once I walk to my car in the parking lot and see a barrage of carts carelessly left in between parked vehicles, by inconsiderate customers. At practically each store I visited this week, I witnessed customers leaving their carts in the parking lot and were just a few steps away from the store’s designated “Return Your Shopping Cart Here” units. This is something that irks me every time I see this happening and I want to say something so bad to these indolent acting individuals.

Now, I have been guilty of being one of these people who left their shopping cart in the parking lot, and although it was pouring down rain on that day, it was still no excuse to put it in the grassy section in the parking area, instead of pushing it back to the store. One day, while I was in the supermarket checking out, ironically the cashier who was ringing up my purchases seemed to be a little down, but remained pleasant. I asked how her day was going. She said that it was fine up to a few minutes before I walked up. Apparently someone left their shopping cart in the parking lot and the wind blew it further down the parking lot where the employees parked. The cart smashed into her brand new car that she just bought a day earlier.

I too, as many of us experienced, was a victim of the infamous runaway shopping cart, putting a dent in the side of my vehicle(s) and there was nothing that I could do about it.  Leaving abandoned shopping carts in the parking lot could be more dangerous than what you may think. It can seriously injure someone or damage personal property. I realize this is a common courtesy that many may think is a trivial thing. I must add that if there is an abandoned cart as I walk towards the store, I will push it back to the return bin. Believe me, the damage that a runaway shopping cart can cause will put a damper on your day, depending on how much damage it has done. And that’s my “Soapbox” moment for today!

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Maisie Williams wears a Book Dress to Comic-Con

maisie williams, comic-con, comic book convention

Image Credit: Gilbert Flores BroadImage

Anyone who is a avid comic book enthusiast knows all about Comic-Con. This convention brings the creators of comics, science fiction and fantasy authors, producers, writers, film and television directors and a myriad of special guests for discussions about various art forms. An array of book publishers, comic art and comic books are presented during this convention to a continuously growing audience.

As with any convention, conversations are abuzz about the comic book characters, the plethora of people who attended the event, the soirees, and the stars who attended (who they were with and what they wore).

Maisie Williams, star of The Game of Thrones, made heads turn when she wore a book dress to Comic-Con on Friday. Her cocktail dress is made entirely out of recycled graphic novel pages. Talk about literary fashion and flair! The dress was designed by Ryan Jude Novelline. It features comic panels from various comic books including The Game of Thrones. That dress was quite a novel idea! (pun was intended)

For those of us who like a recycling/repurposing and fashionable idea, this cocktail dress, no matter how ridiculous some may think or over-the-top it is, is a fashion statement I have to say I love!

Comic-Con, Comic Book Heroes, Comics, Comic Books, from behind the pen

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