It’s National Color Day Ya’ll

National Color Day, World of Color, Day of ColorWhat would our world be without COLOR??? Today we celebrate National Color Day, which was created to learn how colors influence our mood, behavior and productivity. People are affected and stimulated by variations of color differently. Different colors are related to different things or emotions.

Although National Color Day is an unofficial national day, we celebrate a world where it is not portrayed only in grayscale hues. We tend to associate colors like the shade red with strength and love; purple with authority and power, or yellow with happiness and competence.

What is your favorite color or one that you connect to the most? How does it affect your personality? Happy National Color Day!

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Celebrating the Birth of the U.S. Navy

USA Navy Seal, Department of the Navy, U.S. Navy

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Today we celebrate the 239th birthday of the United States Navy. According to Naval History and Heritage Command (, on Friday, October 13, 1775, the Continental Congress voted to fit out two sailing vessels, armed with ten carriage guns, as well as swivel guns, and manned by crews of eighty, to send them out on a cruise of three months to intercept transports carrying munitions and stores to the British army in America. This was the original legislation out of which the Continental Navy grew and as such constitutes the birth certificate of the navy.

Americans first took up arms in the spring of 1775, not to sever their relationship with the king, but to defend their rights within the British Empire. By the autumn of 1775, the British North American colonies from Maine to Georgia were in open rebellion. In October 1775 the British held superiority at sea, from which they threatened to stop up the colonies’ trade and to wreak destruction on seaside settlements. In response, a few of the states had commissioned small fleets of their own for defense of local waters. Congress had not yet authorized privateering.

The Continental Navy grew into an important force. Within a few days, Congress established a Naval Committee charged with equipping a fleet. This committee directed the purchasing, outfitting, manning, and operations of the first ships of the new navy, drafted subsequent naval legislation, and prepared rules and regulations to govern the Continental Navy’s conduct and internal administration.The Continental Navy began the proud tradition carried on today by our United States Navy, and whose birthday we celebrate each year in October.

The Naval Academy, also known as USNA or Annapolis, was founded in 1845 by the Secretary of the Navy, George Bancroft, in what is now historic Annapolis, Maryland.

Thank you for your dedication and service to our country!

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The Language of Poetry

language of poetry, poetic patois, poetry, from behind the penHow do I love poetry? Let me count at least 20 ways. Poetry is a resounding creative literary art form that reaches diverse cultures and languages from around the world. I chose to spotlight 20 translations for the word “poetry” in English,” along with one of the famous poets from that region’s decent.

Poetry in French – poésie – Jean de La Fontaine
Poetry in Spanish – poesía – Miguel Hernández
Poetry in Italian – poesia – Giovann Boccaccio
Poetry in German – Poesie – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Poetry in Chinese – 诗 (Shī) – Li Ching-Chao
Poetry in Japanese – 詩 (Uta) – Dakotsu Iida
Poetry in Hebrew – שירה – Dahlia Ravikovitch
Poetry in Dutch – Poëzie – Willem Godschalck van Focquenbroch
Poetry in Greek – ποίηση – Odysseas Elytis (real name is Odysseas Alepoudellis)
Poetry in Hindu – काव्य – Kanhaiyalal Sethia
Poetry in Bulgarian – Поезия – Pencho Petkov Slaveykov
Poetry in Czech – Poezie – Jaroslav Seifert
Poetry in Welsh – Barddoniaeth – Daniel Abse
Poetry in Irish – Filíocht – Padraic Colum
Poetry in Scottish Gaelic – Bàrdachd – Donnchadh Bàn Mac an t-Saoir (Duncan Ban MacIntyre in English)
Poetry in Croatian – Poezija – Dragojla Jarnevic (also spelled Jarnjevic)
Poetry in Indonesian – Puisi – Sapardi Djoko Damono
Poetry in Kurdish – Helbest – Jalal Barzanji
Poetry in Hungarian – Költészet – János Batsányi
Poetry in Norwegian – Poesi or Dikt – Henrik Johan Ibsen

What’s your poetic patois?

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NC Poet’s Book of Poetry Gets Rave Reviews by Readers’ Favorite

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NC Poet’s Book of Poetry Gets Rave Reviews by Readers’ Favorite

Kym Gordon Moore, author of Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry received a glowing book review by Karen Pirnot, from Readers’ Favorite.
An eclectic collection of poems by North Carolina Poet, Kym Gordon Moore
An eclectic collection of poems by North Carolina Poet, Kym Gordon Moore

PRLogOct. 9, 2014CHARLOTTE, N.C.Readers’ Favorite, the fastest growing book review service on the Internet, gave a 4-Star review to Wings of the Wind, A Cornucopia of Poetry, by NC poet, Kym Gordon Moore. This collection of poetry contains 81 carefully selected poems, making it easy for readers to identify with. Visit to learn more about Kym and her publications.

Karen Pirnot, Book Reviewer from Readers’ Favorite, issued the following refreshing analysis of what Wings of the Wind, A Cornucopia of Poetry has to offer:

“In Wings of the Wind, A Cornucopia of Poetry, author Kym Gordon Moore has offered the reader a variety of poetic thoughts and styles in a book of deep thought and inspiration. The poetry is divided into eight chapters which depict ideas of freedom, activity, hope, celebration, nature, rhythms, yesteryear and the flavors of life. The author writes in free form as well as in traditional, more restricted forms such as Limerick, Iambic Pentameter and Haiku. Those wanting to find excellent examples of these forms would do well to pick up the book and study the creative manner in which the author has used the various forms.”

Pirnot continues, “Wings of the Wind had several favorites for me. Moore writes of “Living with Purpose,” “A Victim’s Gift” and “Unveiling Deception,” all poems in which the personal soul is explored to considerable depth. There are messages which encourage the reader to remember and respect the past and to reach out to friends when all seems hopeless. I loved the honesty of the poetry and the fact that the author did not hold back on personal thoughts and feelings. “Dance at My Funeral” was such an earthy, honest verse that you would almost swear the author was speaking directly to her friends and that you as the reader simply overheard the conversation. This is a lovely short book which will inspire some and get others thinking about the direction of their own lives. And then, there is the final tribute to the author’s mother which is reflective, simple and beautiful.”

This review was also posted on the book’s Barnes & Noble page, as well as on Google Books. Readers’ Favorite is the recipient of the “Honoring Excellence” and “Best Websites for Authors” awards by the Association of Independent Authors. They are also members of the National Book Critics Circle and the National Education Association. Readers’ Favorite proudly reviews for industry icons like Simon & Shuster, Random House and Harper Collins. They also review for celebrities like Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson and Jim Carrey.

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Poets for Hunger Campaigning for Box Tops for Education


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The Moulin Rouge celebrates 125th Anniversary

French for “Red Windmill,” the Moulin Rouge (marked by the red windmill on its roof) was co-founded by Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller in 1889. The Moulin Rouge is a cabaret in Paris, France that highlighted a Bohemian lifestyle of the Belle Epoque.

Known as the birthplace of the French Can-Can dance, the Moulin Rouge celebrates its 125th anniversary today. The can-can dance evolved here and inspired the introduction of cabarets across Europe. It offers musical dance, entertainment and as a tourist attraction, it still showcases much of the fin de siècle France décor (the cultural hallmarks applied to French art and artists).




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Rediscovering My First Collection of Poetry: Norton Anthology

The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry, Richard Ellman, Robert O'Clair, Famous Poets

Who would have thought I could come to love and appreciate a book from the Creative Writing class I took, when I was a sophomore in college? I think I actually loathed all 1,456 pages of that gargantuan anthology at the time. Yet, today it has become a treasured jewel to me.

As I thumbed through this illustrious first volume of The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry, copy written and published in 1973, I found a note from one of my classmates, asking about an assignment we needed to complete for this class. Our professor, Dr. Ashley asked the class to do an analysis of assigned poems or a character sketch depicted in the poems. For this particular assignment, we were to do an analysis of a poem by Allen Ginsberg. Although I don’t remember which one of his poems we were assigned to analyze, that handwritten note from my classmate remains a nostalgic book marker, within the pages of this great anthology.

Among the many famous poets included in this great collection are works by Carl Sandburg, Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Countee Cullen, Jean Toomer, W.S. Merwin, Nikki Giovanni, Randall Jarrell, Patrick Kavanagh and E. E. Cummings to name a few. My trip down memory lane is a route to a new journey on my never-ending poetic highway. It’s amazing how the lessons we learned, the ones we passionately love dearly, are the catalysts for our personal, spiritual and professional growth, and development.

Positively and Poetically Yours!

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