Writing Prompt: It’s National Hotdog Day!

national hotdog day, national hotdog month, oscar mayer wiener, armour hotdogsWe know that July is also known as National Hotdog Month, but did you know that today is National Hotdog Day? Yep, that’s right! July 23rd is the day we grill, steam, boil, barbecue, pan fry, deep fry or microwave our delicious wieners in a bun!

Many restaurants, food trucks and hotdog stands however, take embellishing the everyday hotdog to a different culinary level. In the south, it’s hard to beat the classic hotdog with basic condiments like mustard, chili, coleslaw, onions, ketchup or relish. Wieners (or franks), sausage dogs, bratwurst or Italian sausage make for delectable eating at picnics, backyard grilling or at a sporting event.

Check out these blast from the past hotdog videos!



So what do you like on your hotdog? Can you use this holiday to write something deliciously juicy to celebrate our love for hotdogs? Bon appetit!

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Writing Prompt: July is National Ice Cream Month

National Ice Cream Month, National Ice Cream Day, Celebrating Ice Cream, Ice Cream HolidayDuring the summer months we sometimes run into writer’s block, because we are enjoying a little leisure time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our every day tasks. We use this chance to indulge in a some peace, tranquility and doggone it…FUN. If you desire to write about something fun, refreshing and delicious, try composing your creative magic around the National Ice Cream Month theme!

President Ronald Reagan declared July as National Ice Cream Month in 1984 and the third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Soda Day. Reagan signed the proclamation, according to the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), with the request that the American people celebrate ice cream throughout the month of July.

Do you feel inspired to write a short story, poem or simply get “ice cream wasted?” What better time to be inspiried by ice cream than during National Ice Cream Month! What’s your favorite flavor? Mine is Pralines ‘n Cream!!! YUM!

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Controversy amid the selection process for N.C.’s Newest Poet Laureate

Poet Laureate, From Behind the Pen, NC Poet LaureateWhen looking at what it takes to win an Emmy or Oscar Award, actors and actresses know that they have to put their best performance foot forward and make sure it is of Emmy or Oscar caliber in order to be nominated. When competing with stellar performers, you are humbled if you are chosen to win one of these prestigious awards, as it takes your career to a totally different level.

Recently, the Governor of North Carolina appointed the state’s newest Poet Laureate, but it occurred amid a tremendous amount of controversy. Although many do not question the resume of NC Poet Laureate Valerie Macon, the proper protocol and procedure was completely ignored according to resources. The Executive Director of the North Carolina Writer’s Network, tastefully and objectively addressed the appointment that left more literary feathers ruffled than what Governor Pat McCrory probably anticipated. Click here to read more of what Ed Southern, NCWN Executive Director had to say!

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Poetry Workshop for Kids Rock Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center

Poetry Workshop for Kids, Poetry Workshop, Summer Poetry WorkshopWho would think kids would have so much fun creating poems by their design? The Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center set the stage for the “My Great Summer Vacation Adventure” Poetry Workshop for Kids. This was my first poetry workshop for kids, as well as for the center, and I believe that the children inspired me more that I tried to inspire them. They came to the table with excitement and an eagerness to create poetry. That energy took my enthusiasm to facilitate this workshop to a higher level.

To my surprise these youngsters, as young as the age of 5, knew what a Haiku, Free Verse, Acrostic, Rhyme and Limerick poem was! I was tickled pink to see that their young minds were open to new discoveries, as they crafted their poems to a summer theme. They learned the formal and abbreviated definition of what a poem is and how to use their 5 senses when crafting their poems. By incorporating theme, observation, imagery and emotion into the poems, they brought a visual presentation on where they went on vacation, where they are going on vacation or places they would like to go on vacation. Several wrote poems about going to the beach, visiting their grandparents or taking a Disney cruise, while others wrote about places they would like to visit such as Colombia, a rainforest or Madagascar. One young poet wrote about going around the world and related it to how her world encompassed many of the places she’s visited, including church.

Our young poets included: Isabella Fish, Kayla James, Tyler James, Tyler McCallister, Kyla McKenzie, Myles McKenzie, Tyler McKenzie, Jeremy Palma, Molly Roth, Natalie Wallace and Kaavya Washington.

Susan Didier, Indian Trail Community Development Specialist and I presented our young poets with a Certificate of Achievement and goodie bag. Over 50 people, including the 11 children attended this premier event and it turned out to be a great success. I felt a deep sense of gratification and humbleness, because these young people taught me so much about the human spirit and connection.

Without coercing them, I was floored as I watched each one of them interact with each other and helped each other out if they were stomped about a word to use or visuals to add to their collage. They each made a collage to complement their poems, which added the visual texture that helped to bring their poems alive! I am so proud of these young poets and grateful for their parents or grandparent’s willingness to sign them up to attend this workshop. I suppose I shouldn’t have been, but I was surprised to see that we had 5 boys to participate, when typically only girls participate in workshops or events like this. The diversity of this group was a monumental lesson for adults, because these youngsters worked together to produce some amazing poetry and complementary collage in a 2-hour workshop. Afterwards, they were served refreshments before their recitals began at 6:30pm. Needless to say, I truly enjoyed being the coordinator and facilitator of this amazing poetry event. Susan Didier and I will plan more poetry-related events for children and adults, to work in between the other art, music and literary events, that the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center hosts each week. To stay abreast of weekly activities you can email Susan Didier at to be added to the email blasts and newsletters. Be sure to LIKE their Facebook page for additional events and announcements.

Following the children’s poetry open mic, adults were invited to share poetry of their own! While April commemorates National Poetry Month, we want to keep this genre alive and growing in our community throughout the year. With all of the other summer activities that kids are involved in during their vacation, I have to chalk this poetry workshop up as a delightful success. There will be more poetry special events coming soon! This is one voluntary effort that I truly enjoy! If you enjoy tea and poetry, follow the Tea & Poetry Book Club Facebook Page or Blog for other exciting news and opportunities. Cheers!


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NC Poet Conducts Premier Complimentary Poetry Workshop for Kids

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NC Poet Conducts Premier Complimentary Poetry Workshop for Kids

North Carolina Poet Kym Gordon Moore will conduct the “My Great Summer Vacation Adventure” Poetry Workshop for Kids, on Saturday July 12, 2014, at the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center. This is a F-R-E-E workshop and poetry reading for children.


Summer Poetry Workshop for Kids
Summer Poetry Workshop for Kids


PRLog (Press Release) - Jul. 9, 2014 - CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Saturday July 12, 2014 sets the stage for the premier poetry workshop for kids, held at the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center, in Indian Trail, North Carolina. North Carolina poet, Kym Gordon Moore will lead My Great Summer Vacation Adventure Poetry Workshop, a FREE poetry workshop and reading designed especially for kids. Young aspiring poets from elementary school through 9th grade are invited to have their parents enroll them in this 1-day poetry workshop. Materials will be provided for each workshop attendee and complimentary refreshments will be served. Participants will read their poetry before an open mic audience, which will begin at 6:30pm.

Each month, Kym Gordon Moore moderates open mic poetry readings for adults at the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center. These readings are scheduled for the second Saturday in each month. “This is the first time we are doing a poetry workshop and reading especially for children,” says Moore. “In the past, kids of all ages participated in our poetry readings, along with the adults. This time however, the workshop is followed by each young poet reading the poem they created in front of our regular open mic poetry supporters. The object of this project is to challenge the imagination and creativity of our young, aspiring poets. We will discuss and implement the construction of a themed poem and our youngsters will create a collage to use as a backdrop for their poem. Imagery always makes a poem visually stimulating. We are excited, the kids are excited and the parents/grandparents are proud.”

Upon completion of the workshop and reading, participants will receive a certificate of completion. For more information about signing up for the My Great Summer Vacation Adventure Poetry Workshop, contact Susan Didier, Indian Trail Community Development Specialist at 704-821-2541 or by email for more details. Space is limited, so register interested youngsters as soon as possible. The Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center is located at 100 Navajo Trail, in Indian Trail, North Carolina.

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The View from the Lens of a Tourist

4th of July, Tourist, Positive Attitude, Holiday ExperiencesOver the course of the 4th of July holiday weekend, I had the opportunity of viewing life and my experiences, as I sometimes do, from a visitor’s perspective. All too often we mull over things that tend to bring great worry to our spirit, which could cause us to lose focus on the people or things that really mean the most to us.

I had the opportunity to go home and take in a little of the holiday festivities. The way I approached my view on this experience was to assume the role as a tourist. Sometimes we tend to lose our flavor and zest for life, because we can become overwhelmed with the weight of “things” going on in our lives. Things, that if we were to truly look at them, we will find that they are not worth the worry, energy and anxiety.

When I stepped back and looked at my trip as an adventure, I learned many things that I never knew before. I decided to look at things, people and places differently, and not so seriously. Many of us go through a routine everyday, and that routine can become mundane, monotonous and depressing.

When we tend to be open to new discoveries with a renewed sense of spirit and vision, our lives become more vibrant, youthful and intriguing. It’s like a shot of adrenaline that gives us hope and a new attitude to discover something you did not know, but edifies your life! Positive and exciting experiences gives us that zest for life. Likewise, adversities will make us sink or swim in our day-to-day living. When I find myself in a challenging situation or having a day that looks like its going downhill fast, I have to stop, take a moment to breathe deeply, pray fervently and exhale slowly. I have to count my blessings more than I count my misfortunes. Often the misfortunes stick out like a sore thumb and the blessings look irrelevant. That’s when you look at your condition, step back and focus on what you are blessed with, instead of lamenting or giving too much energy to those challenges you have no control over.

When we try to fix things that we did not break and even if we did break them, the process does not end up like a happily ever after ending to a movie, as we may think. As we approach situations and various experiences, with a positive and grateful attitude, we learn more about ourselves just as much as we learn about the places or people we visit. Try stepping back today and look at the ordinary, through the lens of an extraordinary tourist! That view may be more optimistic than you can imagine!


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Celebrating Independence Day 2014!

Independence Day, 4th of July, Patriotic Holiday

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