Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Who’s Loving You?
10 Frugal Ways To Be Your Own Valentine Any Time!
Kym Gordon Moore

Do you sometimes feel physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually trapped in a very strange place, at a very weird point in your life? Do you think that you’re missing something, but just can’t figure out what it is? Have you noticed that albeit difficult, but not impossible to climb out of this ball of confusion, there’s no one around to lend you a hand to help pull you out? When was the last time you placed yourself at the top of your “Things to Do” list? In other words, how much time do you devote to you? This is not about your daily routine of showering, good hygiene, getting dressed or eating. It’s about self-prioritization.
Valentine’s Day has been chronicled as the most high volume floral, candy and lingerie driven day of the entire year. This designated day in February is celebrated to show the one you love how much they mean to you, with special gifts and tokens of adoration. What happens if Valentine’s Day rolls around and you don’t have that special, significant other to mutually exchange your gifts of love and affection with? 

Many of us compromise or dismiss the thought of designating specific times to keep an appointment with ourselves, to feel nurtured and special. This does not necessarily mean going out and spending a tremendous amount of money on stuff, because “things” won’t make you happy. Maybe for the moment you will get immediate gratification from these material objects, but what happens when the newness wears off? What is your long-term backup plan for fulfilling your purpose and the pursuit of happiness during the rest of the year? Here are 10 inexpensive ways to be your own Valentine, any day of the week:
1.       Start every day off with something positive to energize you and put you in the spirit of gratitude (through prayer, meditation, inspirational music, etc.).

2.       Make an appointment with yourself and keep it. Just as you would keep an appointment for other things, it’s not a crime to designate time to take a mini-sabbatical, get a pedicure or treat yourself to dinner (even if it’s by yourself).

3.       Get sufficient rest. If you don’t turn your “on” button off sometimes, it will shut you down without warning. Fatigue blurs your vision, reduces your alertness, impedes your ability to think clearly and make wise decisions.

4.       Treat yourself to the movies or a theatrical performance.

5.       Indulge yourself in a nice, warm bath and create a relaxing atmosphere (with soft music or candles).

6.       Treat yourself to a picnic. If it’s a nice, sunny day go sit outside and eat in a park, near a lake, or at a local historical site. If you are experiencing a day of inclement weather, find a nice place indoors, even if it’s on the floor in front of your fireplace.

7.       Visit your local library and check out some books, DVD’s or magazines. The quiet environment in a library is calming and you can learn a lot from the free available resources and by reading intuitively.

8.       Why not buy yourself a bouquet of fresh cut flowers? Even if you are a male, why not? You wouldn’t think twice about buying them for someone else now would you?

9.       Take classes to learn crocheting, a new language, scrapbooking, making pottery, knitting, embroidering, cross-stitching, sewing or any type of self-improvement course. Rosey Grier, veteran NFL player, enjoyed needlepoint during his spare time. It’s very relaxing and has a positive effect on your heart and blood pressure.

10.   Visit a museum or an art gallery. Feel free to ask the docents and staff questions to learn more about the exhibits.

Understandably, everyone has a lot on their plate day in and day out, but carving out time to specifically allocate for themselves, is not illogical, impractical, impossible or insane! If you don’t do it now, you may regret it later. We have to stop putting ourselves on the back burner and learn to “Take 5,” breathe and treat ourselves as special as we treat our family, children, spouses, friends or co-workers. When you love yourself (not in a vain way) you are compelled to take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These things are all interconnected.
So often, we form a shell of pretentiousness when in public or around others. We put on a façade signifying that life is wonderful and grand, while your world is internally falling apart. All too often, we are carrying around some type of pain, distraction and burden that may not belong to us. If we do not find a positive and fortifying way to unload and overcome this excessive weight, they can become debilitating, paralyzing, and deadly. Serious health issues may develop, people may turn to destructive addictions or one can sustain mental instability, unless some type of therapeutic intervention occurs. Keep in mind that healing cannot be successful, unless you deeply want it. Start by investing in yourself. The dividends can certainly be rewarding.



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