7 Questions To Ask Why a Writer Must Become an Entrepreneur

So, you have some great material that you’ve written and it’s sitting in a stack of papers on your desk, all dressed up with no where to go! Who’s going to read this stuff? Could the information contained in your writings be helpful to others? Could it possibly change someone’s life? Unless you’re writing for fun or as a hobby, then you need to shift gears and drive with the mindset of an entrepreneur. You definitely have to be a businessperson if you want to lucratively advance in an area you are passionate about. How could you reap any rewards if your stacks of poems, essays, articles, novels, short stories, etc., are so huge that they can fill a gigantic hole in a land fill?

If you answer yes to one or all of the following questions, then it is imperative that you think, act and become an entrepreneur:

1. Do you want to make a career from your writing?

2. Are you passionate about your writing?

3. Do you need to support yourself?

4. Do you need to support your family?

5. Do you have a writing specialty/ niche that will help others improve their lives?

6. Do you want to take your writing career to a higher level?

7. Are you capable of attracting mass appeal through your written compositions?

You can find writers by a dime a dozen! If you find yourself in a massive stadium of great literary composers, you can’t become intimidated or get depressed! Don’t just sit, sulk or occasionally lick your wounds! Get up and do something. Let’s face it, there will always be greater and lesser writers than you. Celebrate your achievements! If you aren’t proactive in making your dreams come true, then you certainly wouldn’t be in a position to celebrate “your” accomplishments. If you are slack, then “your” accomplishments will shift to someone who stepped outside the box, reacted and ultimately succeeded!

Business contains two vital components: giving and receiving. In some cases, it is imperative that you willingly “give” something without expecting any compensation in return. If you have a vision, dream, or goal, then write down your plan of action and make it happen. If you continue writing “without” the objective of making a profit, then quite naturally this would be a hobby, not a business.

If your desire is to reach beyond an occasional byline, then inevitably you have to become a businessperson. There isn’t a feasible way around it unless you have an unlimited budget to hire a personal assistant to handle your business affairs. Regardless of whether or not you’re a columnist, author of a book or eBook, freelance writer, screenwriter or a greeting card writer, you “must” act like a business owner if you truly want people to take you and your craft seriously.




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