Is Your Handwriting Really Affected By A Writing Desk?

inkwell-penInitially, when I set out on my quest to purchase a writing desk for my office, I did not entertain the idea of buying an industrialized looking desk, or a heavy executive style that would inevitably overwhelm the room. Scanning through the numerous types of desks, I searched for styles that would appeal to my decorating preference, as well as falling within my budget. Surprisingly, I discovered that all writing desks are not created equal.

Improving your handwriting is best done on a tilted writing surface. Many calligraphers and graphic artists tend to use slanted writing desks more than other styles. Writing at an angle is better for your posture, thereby eliminating the need to hunch. The design and style of your writing instrument, the surface of your writing desk and your seating position play an important role in learning, as well as writing.

Some portable writing desks come with a book rest for comfortable reading. Not being confined to a certain area for writing, these portable writing stations, desks and slopes were designed for mobility of personal writing utensils, while adding style and function.

To understand the factors affecting the way we write, first start by examining the surface of your writing desk. If we think about jotting something down on a piece of paper without any support underneath, besides the support of our hands, we will see that our writing may not be very legible. Angles and surfaces become a major player as we look for support and stability when writing things down.

Try this experiment: Write something on a sheet of paper stationed on top of an unfinished wooden surface or a cultured marble surface. Even if you have fabulous penmanship, the texture in the natural state of these surfaces will not permit a smooth and fluid choreography between your writing instrument, paper and handwriting. Whether or not your writing area is portable or stationary, the design, dimensions, surface and angle of your writing surface are pivotal elements that ultimately affect your handwriting.



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