Small Businesses: 7 Benefits for Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is gaining popularity among many public and private sectors emphasizing diverse communication with existing and potential clients. It enhances the relationship between a business and their customer, encourages customer loyalty, includes other companies or resources in their communication that may be of value to their clients and is excellent in assisting with company research.

Email marketing is not just limited to businesses. Non-profit organizations, authors and other entities having a service, message, product or seeking donations and support, are also taking advantage of the benefits of email marketing.

Here are seven things to consider if you want to add email marketing to your promotional package:

1. Saves money:

The cost for sending bulk email is literally pennies per email.

2. Great sales tool:

Excellent for communicating promotional campaigns and constant contact with your clients. It builds brand and industry awareness, along with encouraging customer loyalty.

3. Faster communications:

You can create e-newsletters faster than your normal flyers or direct mail pieces, while reaching more people at the same time. You are able to reach a substantial amount of recipients in a fraction of the time, compared to snail mail.

4. Effective Tracking:

Evaluate who responds, unsubscribes and collect other details to help you tailor your target markets, as well as monitoring your return on investment (ROI).

5. Environmentally friendly:

You don’t have to worry about recycling.

6. Generate Repeat Business:

Update profiles of your clients to efficiently interact to their needs, inexpensively and automatically.

7. Networking Opportunity:

Use as a tool for triggering or linking multiple services, products and messages.

There are many online Email Marketing Services available to help take your business to the next level, through list building, bulk emailing and marketing campaigns. They provide easy-to-use newsletter software with a variety of free newsletter templates to choose from.

To enhance your promotional campaigns, whether you are a business, non-profit organization or institution, consider the opportunities that email marketing offers. Many hosting companies offer affordable email marketing services. Email is still an important communications piece, so do a little research to see which marketing service best suits your company or organizations’s needs.


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