Author Joel Bryant Dreams Bigger Dreams

Joel Bryant, author of For Dreamers Only never leaves home without a pen and his journal. He constantly fills thousands of blank pages with daily thoughts, observations, visions and gut-wrenching honesty. “Sometimes, it’s hard for me to turn off my writing” Joel said during one of our conversations. Clearly his statement is completely understandable, because many creative people and visionaries discover that creation never ends in the mind, although it must pause occasionally to be rejuvenated. When you have a conversation with Joel it leaves a memorable imprint on your mind and heart. You feel his immediate connection, sense of inspiration and identification with your spirit. He strives for perfection and has a robust appetite for knowledge. Joel is in the process of pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, where he was a lecturer in the Philosophy department for four years. Quickly you comprehend why this man is dubbed the “The Voice of Greatness.”

“I was inspired to write For Dreamers Only because I wanted to help others understand the dimensions and dynamics that accompany the pursuit of success,” says Joel. “It is designed for anyone who is serious about achieving their dreams.” The research behind For Dreamers Only derives from a life-long pursuit of greatness. In August, Joel presented an incredible, life-changing event, “For Dreamers Only: A Night of Transformation!” This event collaborated with his For Dreamers Only self-help series of books. For Dreamers Only provides genuine insight on the attitudes and adjustments that success requires, not only to be achieved, but also to be sustained.

As a former trainer with the Dun and Bradstreet Corporation, Joel brings over 20 years of sales and management experience that supports his foundation and expertise in many of the subjects he writes on. When asked about any awards he received so far during his writing career, Joel responded, “My biggest award came in 2004 when I was named an inaugural winner of a writing award sponsored by Guilford College, which came with a $10,000.00 prize.” Joel has been writing for fifteen years and authored more than fourteen books…and counting. Joel is a gifted author, extremely passionate thinker and profound speaker. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife Debra, who is an amazing songstress.

Joel’s energy is intoxicating. If you are able to catch up and converse with him in between speaking engagements, book signings, writing more books and his doctoral classes, good luck! One has to wonder when this man sleeps. In the meantime, for more information on purchasing Joel’s books or scheduling him to speak for your organization’s event, visit his website You may also visit his blog, and social network sites and I think it’s safe to say that Joel Bryant is truly dreaming bigger dreams, while inspiring others to do the same.

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