Happy Thanksgiving Day! Thanks for Giving!

Why do we pick out certain days of the year like Thanksgiving, Christmas, the fourth of July, Labor Day or even New Years Day, to get together, eat together, communicate together, cook great meals and celebrate together? Do we have to express how much we love those we care about only on Valentine’s Day? Do we help feed those who have little or nothing to eat only on Thanksgiving Day? Do we have to give praise for Christ’s sacrifice and Resurrection only on Easter? Do we have to wait and give a gift to someone only on Christmas or their birthday?

This year, we’ve seen and experienced a multitude of heartaches, disappointments, pain, grief and tragedies, along with joy, happiness, triumphs, births and life. Let us continue to pray for and assist those who are experiencing great losses, oppression and a sense of hopelessness. We realize that in spite of so many things that need to be fixed in our economic, social, religious, educational, personal and political systems, these things can’t magically repair themselves. After years of abuse to these crucial support systems, that define our freedom and justice we are blessed to experience in this country, let us wake up quickly and stop taking these components of our life for granted. Things can easily turn in the opposite direction if we aren’t grateful and show gratitude for these blessings of opportunity.

Happy we are! Thanks for Giving.

To our military troops and their families, we salute you and say thank you for your courage and patriotism. To the doctors, physicians, nurses, surgeons and therapists, thank you for caring for our health. To our law enforcement officials, thank you for serving and protecting our communities. To our teachers, professors, lecturers and administrators, thank you for our academic opportunity to learn. To our pastors and theologians, thank you for our spiritual development. To our thespians, musicians and performing artists, thank you for sharing your gifts and entertainment. To our writers and authors, thank you for the spoken word that inspires us. To our athletes near and far, thank you for displaying good sportsmanship and athletic willpower. To those who survived diseases, disasters, discouragement and death, thank you for showing us how to rise above all hazards that are determined to destroy our human spirit. To our friends and family who sincerely show how much you care, thank you for your compassion, understanding and support.

Happy we are! Thanks for Giving.

 If we look around and realize that those who were with us this time last year are not with us this year, let us remember the impact and influence of their lives in ours. Let us exhibit our appreciation for giving, our gifts of love, peace, exhortation, happiness and joy, or our ability to celebrate the presence of life in humanity and all of God’s creation, every single day we have breath in our bodies. Let’s not overlook the small victories, in search of the big ones. Sometimes, it’s in the small victories that we discover some awesome and abundant blessings.

Happy we are! Thanks for Giving.

May the peace, hope, love and grateful spirit of blessings fill your hearts every day of the year. As we celebrate and participate in the festivities of the season, let us remember to love, share and feed the least of these. Many are starving around us every day, not knowing where their next meal will come from or where they will sleep for the night. We may not have the money in the bank that we want, we may not have all of the things we desire and we may not be where we want to be at this point in our lives, but we are grateful to still be a work in progress. As we reflect on the lives of those who left us with a chapter to learn from, may we continue to write and teach these lessons to empower the generations that follow.

Happy we are! Thanks for Giving.

Be safe, responsible, respectable and joyous during these festive moments of the year. Peace and blessings from our home to yours.



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