Your Literary Mixing Bowl – Add a Gallon of Writing

Writing encompasses a cornucopia of mediums, flavors and energy through the written word: journaling, poetry, essays, creative writing, technical writing, books, letter writing, fiction, non-fiction, novels, short stories, online writing, blogs, book reviews, articles, inspirational writing, copywriting and writing contests.

Writing is the written language that refers to inscribing symbols or letters, forming words, representing verbal communication and creating material that inspires design. It conveys what’s in your heart by representing sound and expressing emotion.

Initially, getting a break into the writing industry can be extremely discouraging if you don’t look past the rejections. I heard so many questions or comments that could easily end a career as quickly as it got started. Here are a couple of those statements:

• You need to have sample clips in order to query us!

Answer: So what do I do if I don’t have any published clips?

• You must have writing experience to write for us!

Answer: Where do I get writing experience from, if no one will give me a chance?

When I initially tried to devise a writing resume, it was one of the most difficult things to compose. Until I started thinking about what I “did” as opposed to what I hadn’t done, it was then that I discovered what I “did” was indeed monumental at the time. It was the experience that I needed. I wrote a lot of procedural documents and newsletters for a few of my jobs that spanned over two decades. I also had a poem published in an anthology and a writing challenge I entered, appeared in a magazine! I added some community newsletters I published into my writing repertoire too.

This is where you have to think about what you have done, instead of what you haven’t done. For example: Were you a school reporter or editor for your newspaper? Did you win any writing contests? Did you do any writing projects for your job? Did you do any newsletters for your church? Did a composition of yours appear in an editorial or anthology?

Keep a pen and notepad handy at all times. Just when you least expect it, something will happen or someone might say something that will set off a creative light bulb in your head for potential writing projects. Record those observations without immediately editing it. Later, go back and begin turning these observations into an article, poem, novel, book, essay or newsletter. The more you write the better your writing gets. When you least expect it, one of your compositions just might land you that “big” break you’ve been waiting for.


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