Your Literary Mixing Bowl – 7 Powerful Characteristics

Name seven characteristics of a powerful writer? Will these characters be an asset or a disadvantage? There is an infinite spectrum of opportunities to produce stories, articles, poetry or any other form of creative writing. Inspiration is produced from emotion. Passion is the common denominator of that inspiration. Your attitude and approach will determine the success or failure of your writing career. Here are 7 characteristics that a writer should have in order to make your craft powerful:

1. Potential

2. Purpose

3. Positivity

4. Perseverance

5. Passion

6. Production

7. Proactivity

Everyone is born with potential. We have the choice to either bury that potential through inactivity or developing it through activation. The key to creation is purpose. Vision manifests that purpose. All masterful literary compositions will not always appeal to everyone’s literary taste buds. Although we have the right to exercise the First Amendment (freedom of speech), we still have a responsibility to avoid intentionally harming anyone based on maliciousness, defamation or carelessness.

Your willingness to persevere with a positive attitude will keep procrastination, complacency and fear from crippling and shattering your dreams. Become proactive in every aspect of your life. Don’t sit to wait, watch or wonder what happens. Be the person to make things happen.

Your attitude and approach will either enhance or destroy your character. In order for your “passion” to be manifested, you must use your “potential” with great “purpose”, continue to “persevere” with a “positive” attitude and be “proactive” so that you can “produce” with unbelievable power.

Potential + Purpose + Positivity + Perseverance + Passion + Production + Proactivity = POWER!

Character isn’t something that you can purchase or what someone gives to you. It’s innate and totally up to you to make it either a “quality” or a “deficit.” How important do you think character plays in your literary mixing bowl?


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