Your Literary Mixing Bowl – The Main Ingredients

There are countless books, articles, guides and tutorials designed to give you all of the technicalities of writing. All too often, we tend to get wrapped up in the formality of rules and regulations, while conscientiously trying to hone in on our creativity. How do you make a story sound exciting enough to grab your reader’s attention and keep it? You must apply action in your compositions and this often comes with rewrite after rewrite after rewrite. Staying motivated, focused and committed are an absolute must. Oftentimes, you will not be able to always depend on someone to get you pumped up, keep you pumped up and to help you roll out those creative compositions to waiting editors and publishers. You have to do that yourself, especially in this industry of a gazillion competitive writers, authors and poets.

Remain diligent in your effort to write daily. Applying these six simple, indelible questions with the usage of your five senses (seeing, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing) will give you direction on where your story, article or any type of composition is headed:

1. Who

2. What

3. When

4. Where

5. Why

6. How

Now, add these five main ingredients into your literary mixing bowl and stir:

• 1 cup of Thinking

• 1 gallon of Writing

• 1 pinch of Research

• 1 pound of Composition

• 1 quart of Submitting

Depending on what you are composing you may have to add or take away more ingredients suited to your submission’s taste. Be sure to follow your directions carefully (submission guidelines and editing). As you look at your completed literary dish, determine how and where (markets) you will sample and serve your tasty entrée.


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