Reflection in the Midnight Waters

While penning some thoughts in my journal of recollections from the day’s events, something mystical interrupted the flow of my writing. For many people who know me, you understand how fascinated I am by the celestial kaleidoscope that appears on a clear night, especially when there’s a full moon perched in the heavens among the stars. I must share this experience with you stargazers out there who would appreciate this reflection. On the first night of this New Year, January 1, 2010, I walked by one of the Palladian windows in our house and the bright light that reflected through the window magnetically drew me to its presence. If anyone noticed and if it was a clear night in your neck of the woods, there was a perfect full moon casting its heavenly bright light over the land. As I stood awestruck, I was compelled to get a better look at this breathtaking wonder from my back door.

We have a small lake at the back of our house, and while you could see the reflection of house lights rippling amid the currents in the midnight waters, the reflection of that full moon took center stage and was simply mesmerizing. I cannot begin to tell you what an ethereal feeling this was, just to stand there looking up at that bright, spotlight shining down on little ole me. I had to thank God for another opportunity to witness such an incredible gift that He created on the 4th day, in the Beginning.

So even if you missed this beautiful sight on that first night of this New Year, just remember that some of the most incredible beauty lies among the heavens in a galaxy beyond our grasp, but no doubt a panoramic snapshot reminding us to embrace its exquisiteness. A love song reminded me of these special moments of intimacy that was recorded by a group named The Stylistics (circa 1970’s). It’s called “Stop, Look, Listen (to your heart)”. Sometimes you feel so unworthy by the natural wonders that surround us in one way or another on a daily basis. However, I cherish those special moments, any time of the day or night, where I feel that incredible connection and intimacy with God. It is then, I am reminded, that I am anchored in His love, mercy and grace. So every now and then, look up and humbly embrace the presence of Almighty God through His awe-inspiring wonders. And the best part: There is no purchase required!


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