Your Literary Mixing Bowl – Add a Cup of Thinking

So what do you think? This question sets your mind in motion to produce an answer for the inquirer. How you will respond often depends on your attitude and the question. Thinking is dimensional and takes simple observation to the next level. Thinking is a continued form of learning. Some of the things that affect your ability to learn include attitude, perception, acquiring knowledge, integrating and refining knowledge, then using that knowledge where it becomes habitual. Our minds manipulate information so that we are able to make inquiries, create, analyze, solve problems and make decisions.

How can you maximize your level of thinking, when searching to target niche markets from a single topic? Let’s take for example the subject: Rocks. Can you think of five different markets to submit a composition on the topic of “rocks” to? Of course you can. First, think of 5 types of compositions that you can create from this subject:

1. An article

2. A poem

3. A short story

4. A research paper

5. A book

Now, think of 5 different markets that you can submit your compositions to. How about an article to a decorating magazine, a landscape magazine, a poetry magazine or anthology, a travel magazine or a trade magazine? Ta-da! Use this exercise to energize your thoughts into formulating multiple angles to write from using a single subject.

Thinking is cognitive, critical and can lead to greater change depending on your attitude. By organizing your thoughts and linking them to ideas, you will be able to stimulate your creativity and transform your “planning” into writing.


2 thoughts on “Your Literary Mixing Bowl – Add a Cup of Thinking

  1. Kym:

    Interesting post! Too often, writers get stuck in a box with their imaginations and are content to write and write. However, this may hinder them from realizing outside of the box is where potential markets are thriving and waiting for submissions. This is a great reminder to “think” about where to submit. Thanks!

    Take care,
    Nora Weston


  2. Thank you for your comments Nora. I have to agree with you about potential markets and how we often tend to become so tunnel-visioned with our personal thought processes, that we ignore the obvious sometimes. Many of the younger aspiring writers I speak to really don’t see the relevance behind this, but if they are truly serious about developing their craft, they are going to have to do more reading, researching and re-thinking. All the best with your writing endeavors! Stay encouraged!

    From Behind the Pen,


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