Your Literary Mixing Bowl – Add a Pound of Composing

How do you begin composing a submission? The composition element of writing is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. You are taking thoughts and observations you’ve written down, along with your research, and begin to fit those pieces together. Your composition ingredient in your literary mixing bowl will give you an opportunity to add and subtract any content that would impair the flow and message of your submission. During this process, you will find that certain sentences need to be restructured; some words need to be added, eliminated or substituted and certain paragraphs need to be rearranged. This portion of your literary mixing bowl may be more tedious than the other steps, but attention to detail will separate you from the amateur stance.

Writers are constantly collecting material to use immediately or possibly for future projects. You might run across some interesting ideas that may not mean very much to you for the moment, but can be great ideas to use for future compositions. Create a simple file system by using the following 7 steps to organize files for upcoming compositions:

1. Make a file for putting ideas in

2. Make a file for target markets

3. Make a file for potential market contact information

4. Make a file for research

5. Make a file for submission guidelines

6. Make a file for photographs

7. Make a file for sample publications

If you did an online search on a specific topic, nine times out of ten you will find that someone somewhere has written about it. Do not be deterred by this because your “angle” can present a totally different perspective on that subject.

Let’s say that you are an avid dog lover. This is a commonly used topic, but you love your pet so much that certainly there has to be something you can write about him/her. Well, let’s take a look at some of the possibilities. You can write about the best dogs to have for pets, dogs used in rescue missions, dogs used for the DEA, dogs used to help blind or disabled citizens, dogs used in movies, dogs used for commercials, dogs used for herding or the best dogs used for hunting. Get the picture?

You cannot possibly absorb the number of compositions that are being submitted everyday on practically every topic imaginable. Just remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just accessorize it differently.


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