Poets & Writers FREE Resource

Expand your literary horizons! If you are aspiring to write better in order to be considered a serious and professional writer in the literary arena, then it is crucial that you gain as much knowledge about the business on a continuous basis. Besides taking some continued educational courses through weekend classes at a community college or a writer’s workshop, it is also good to equip yourself with supplementary resources to learn how to take your craft to another level.

To be better, writing is an ongoing effort. I learned through receiving a lot of rejection notices that you have to think outside of the box, the bubble and the bag! So often, we get tunneled vision in our personal style of writing that we asphyxiate our ability to embrace the various styles, techniques and formatting of what is marketable in this business.

This information includes what types of genres are published, whether they accept electronic submissions or snail mail submissions, if they allow simultaneous submissions and when their reading period is. These are some crucial requirements that will indicate how meticulous you are to detailed requests.

Here is one resource that I would like to share with you, that provides some helpful resources and opportunities for writers and poets: Poets & Writers Online Magazine http://www.pw.org/. This site contains information about writing competitions, literary magazines and small presses that welcome both new and established writers.

Although you may have a targeted genre that you are comfortable with, I urge you to become culturally diverse with different writers and audiences. Read copiously. Research intuitively. Write methodically. You must surround yourself with education, preparation, feedback, modification and perseverance.



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