Writers – Social Media Marketing Creates More Inbound Links

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a popular, inexpensive and practical addition to internet marketing. To increase inbound links to your website, which opens the door to curious visitors, this type of link strategy is relatively simple to do. So how does social media marketing create more inbound links to your writing website? Here are 5 quick and easy ways to do it:

1. Blogs create a conversation between you and other visitors that establishes interest and will open the door to more inbound links to your website. Just in case many of you do not know what a blog is, it’s a website or webpage that provides text, a personal diary, commentaries or other newsworthy subject matters. It may include photographs, music, podcasts or mixed online mediums.

Blogs have a newfound popularity among politicians, celebrities and other professions. Comments left on a blog builds a relationship between you and the blogger. It offers you an opportunity to insert your site address under your name, depending on how the comment sections are set up. However, on blog comments resist the urge to advertise. Instead, make helpful advice comments that could be beneficial to other visitors that will make them curious about what you do.

2. Social Media applies to social advertising, networking, shopping, events, games or video sharing. Social Media Marketing is your online business card, direct mail marketing, newspaper advertisement, radio spots, promotional postcards or flyers.

3. Real Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds is syndicated content used by many online publishers, weblogs or news related sites that allows people using the web, the ability to retrieve the latest information on subjects of interest. Through article marketing, you will open a window of opportunity to provide information to those seeking information that you share a common bond with and open the tables of discussion regarding your writing business.

4. Social online networking is becoming increasingly popular through online communities such as You Tube and My Space. Getting involved in internet forums, message boards, blogs and various niche communications also offers the opportunity for open dialogue to discuss your expertise.

5. Bartering is also a good way to increase your inbound links when you have a limited marketing budget. If you can exchange writing services with other businesses as a contributor to their ezine, this will increase your link popularity. In your bio, you can include the link to your website.

Your conversation between authors and peers is a great networking opportunity for your writing business. Social Media Marketing is basically strategic online socializing. Through online socializing, you don’t have to worry about what to wear and the cost of putting gas in your vehicle to drive to a social gathering that you are invited to attend.



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