Parris Lane Sings a New Tune with Glory Toys

Parris Lane is an accomplished singer and recording artist with a four-octave range. Her extraordinary voice lends itself to various styles of music that spans from Jazz, Gospel, Top 40, Broadway and Yiddish. Equally accomplished as an actress her versatility acclaimed an Emmy Nomination for a PBS Children Show. Her many talents brought her numerous honors and awards, including a Governor’s Proclamation for producing and directing shows. She performed as a soloist for many dignitaries all over the world. Parris toured Europe singing classical and has performed Jazz in such prestigious settings as “The Oriental Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, The Stirling Club, Las Vegas, NV and the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

“While traveling across the country, I became aware of the frustration from parents seeking good television programs and films for their children that teach wholesome and simple values of life. Deploring the absence of such values in programs and recognizing a high demand for them, I decided to create Glory ToysTM “Kia’s Journey.” I didn’t want Kia’s Journey to be an average Christian Film. I had a deep desire to include characters from various ethnic groups that could sing songs from various music genres. More importantly I wanted to have a product that would stir up a child’s curiosity about the stories in the greatest book ever written, The Bible.”

Parris’ mission is to let children know that each one of us is given a gift from God. She wants to inspire them to be the best they can be. She encourages them to strive for their goals, no matter what obstacles may come their way. By demonstrating that this is possible, she shares how she started out with lots of faith, a $1,000 budget from one of her most dedicated fans, a wing and a prayer. She re-enforces the fact that with hard work you “can” accomplish your dream. Her goal is to start a new and faithful generation of Bible Reading/Prayer Warriors.

Parris is the proud mother of one daughter, Raven, who is a graduate of The Grier School, an International Boarding School for the Performing Arts and is a recent graduate from Azusa Pacific University, the second largest Christian college in the country.

Currently, Parris is the Regional Coordinator for Kindervision, which helps to educate children about preventing abduction and sexual exploitation. She is also an Artist in Residency with The Smith Center for the Performing Arts Southern Nevada Wolftrap Program to incorporate the Arts into the school curriculum for pre-school. Both groups are secular organizations that help children. She is working on a children’s CD and a new Judeo/Christian film for children.

I invite you to explore the following websites to learn more about this world-renowned, extraordinary recording artist and entrepreneur:

Parris Lane

Glory ToysTM

Parris’ commitment to work on her projects for children is because children are pure in heart. “Christ talks about having a childlike heart and they love you unconditionally,” says Parris. For taking on such a monumental multicultural project geared towards children, I commend you Parris on taking your God-given gifts to a completely new level! Continue to reach for the stars!


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