Support Your Local Book, Literary, Storytelling, Author, Reading and Writer’s Guild Festivals and Conferences!

We are in an unprecedented time where there are unlimited resources and dedicated authors, teachers, craftspeople and artists who are continuing their advocacy to increase exposure to the fundamentals of reading, music and the arts in our schools and communities. I am a true believer that when you increase your study in and are exposed to the aesthetics of reading, music and the arts, developing your creativity and thought processes in other areas of your life are more illuminating, progressive and refined.

If there is a book fair, book festival or poetry reading in your city or state, go out and show your support, because your presence could be the type of encouragement some aspiring author, artist, screenwriter or singer needs to keep striving towards achieving their dreams. Below is a list of national festivals and events going on around the country. These are a few that we found in our monthly search, but if your city or state is not listed for an event that is occurring during this month, then by all means, plan to attend anyway! Continue to educate your mind and engage in the fundamentals of the arts that will keep us competitive locally, nationally and globally.

Good Reading!


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