Small Businesses – 7 Effective Steps For Reconstructing During the Recession

What type of letter grade can you give your overall business operations right now? An A, B, C, D, or F? Is this grade the same that you gave your business a year or two ago? At this point, everyone is practically worn out from discussing the perils of our current recession. It doesn’t matter who you are, every sector of our local, national and global communities have been adversely affected by the aftermath, since this recession was initially announced. Your head is in such a massive tailspin that you find it increasingly difficult to regain control in any attempt of being levelheaded soon. So, enough already! It’s hard finding a solution when you are constantly picking the scab off of the problem.

We are realistic about the impact this recession has had on everyone, but we’re not going to continue wallowing in a pit of recession misery. The good thing about the recession is that it definitely pushed everyone out of their comfort zone. Sometimes our human characteristics tend to resist the need to change because we become so self-absorbed in operating and functioning habitually. Does the fear of anything unfamiliar create anxiety for you? Do you feel comfortable operating your small business the same way you did when you started? What types of changes have you made or are making to revive your business?

When there is a systematic organizational change, start small. The following reconstructive steps will help you to rethink where your business is and in what direction you want your business to go. To avoid becoming discouraged and frustrated, divide these steps into bite-sized pieces.

1. Reevaluate
Get reacquainted by reintroducing yourself to your business. Review what’s working and reevaluate the changes that’s needed. Do you need to do more networking? Do you need to readjust your prices? Do you need to renegotiate with vendors? You know your business better than anyone else does, so who better to answer these vital questions to detect and change those inadequacies than you?

2. Refocus
Are you keeping up with the changing needs of your customers? Are you keeping up with new technologies to help you to succeed in this new century? Do you need to update your marketing plan? Refocus on your mission, purpose and customer.

3. Reeducate
Update your organization on any new industry changes that will affect the way you conduct business now and the future, compared to the past. Go back to school or take classes that will give you the certification or degree needed to validate and empower your business.

4. Renew
Take care of your body, mind and spirit by indulging in mini sabbaticals. This is a good way to energize your body and usher in peace within the corridors of your mind. Quite often, you will have a different perspective on evaluating your business and the energy needed to adapt a more positive attitude about current conditions, when you seek peace in the midst of a chaotic situation.

5. Regurgitate
Expel your daily intake of widespread depressing news. Sometimes we get so absorbed in the latest developments that paint such a dismal portrait of the overall economy, the ongoing decline in the housing market, the credit crisis, crime, the bail outs, Ponzi schemes…you name it, it’s out there! It’s not just coming from television, but the radio, internet, mobile communications, daily conversations, newspapers and any other communication devices. Make it a point to relieve yourself from as much stress and distractions as possible.

6. Rebuild
Revamp – Rework – Recreate – Readjust – Reconstruct. Reinvent yourself and your business to get desired results. You cannot continue doing the same thing and expect a different result. By recommitting yourself to reinventing your business, it can become a winning strategy in the long run, as the economy begins to bounce back.

7. Reciprocate
Give back. Volunteer to do something in the community. Think of some type of reward system to show your customers how much you appreciate their patronage. Let them know you understand the challenges that so many people are going through right now, but encourage them to hang in there and that these challenging times won’t last forever.

When you step outside of the maze of chaos and confusion, your perspective is liberated and refreshed. You are re-energized to discover new solutions to those recession challenges, by seizing the moment to turn a negative into a positive. Now is not the time to resist change. It’s time to welcome and embrace it.



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