Men Enjoy Literary Satisfaction Too!

When we meet or talk about book clubs, often we see women dominating this area of literary fellowship. However, not surprisingly, more men (not just writers or authors) also find literary satisfaction in discussing the messages and storylines that permeate from the pages of a good book. We are witnessing an increase in Men’s Book Clubs whose members are choosing to take a different approach to the commonly perceived male bonding get together, of watching the game on television, drinking beer, playing golf, congregating at a bar, or smoking cigars while playing a game of poker. male lifestyle changes in health and wellness are creating different conversations that are edifying and gratifying, but in no way questions a man’s  sexuality or sexual. More men are beginning to enjoy the tranquil pleasures that women have indulged in for years (i.e. massages, reflexology, afternoon tea, manicures, pedicures and facials). Such serene lifestyle changes are extremely therapeutic and can significantly reduce stress. Although boy’s clubs have been around for years, this literary inclusion upgrades their social networking status.

As we continue to celebrate National Book Month for October, I came across two interesting lists of books for men that I wanted to share with my male audience. Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club published one of these lists just before Father’s Day called “18 Books Men Want.” The other list, posted on “Men DO Read!!!  25 Books That Guys Will Enjoy Reading” also contains some good reads that your guy may like.

Of course, these are just partial lists of some of the numerous books recommended for men. But, if you have a book that you would like to recommend and share, feel free to post it below with the name of the book, its genre and author. We have a G-Rated audience reading our posts and ask that you please be mindful and keep all comments and content free from offensive material that is vulgar, disrespects or defames anyone’s race, creed, gender or color. Thanks for your cooperation. Good reading everyone!


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