7 Characteristics of Writing Power

What inspires you to write? What keeps you disciplined in order to write immensely? The common denominator is passion. There is an infinite spectrum of opportunities to produce stories, articles, poetry or any other form of creative writing. Inspiration is produced from emotion: what you feel, see, taste, hear or touch. Everyone is born with the potential to do our best and be the best! We have a choice to either bury that potential or grow it. The key to creation is purpose. Vision manifests that purpose.

With reading and writing copiously, you will find your niche, edit, tweak and edit again. We can compare producing masterful literary compositions, to that of a chef who religiously cooks and experiments with different ingredients. The result for the chef is to produce delectable and exquisite entrées, appetizers and desserts. As with a chef, our genre will not always appeal to the masses. Everyone’s literary taste buds are as diverse as races, creeds and nature. As writers, we have a responsibility to avoid intentionally harming our audiences based on maliciousness, carelessness or just because we have the right to freedom of speech.

Your willingness to persevere with a positive attitude will keep procrastination, complacency and fear from crippling and shattering your dreams. So pick up that pen, get those fingers to the keys of a typewriter, a keyboard or speak into a tape recorder. There are people who wait for things to happen, watch things happen and wonder what happened. Be the person to make things happen. Become proactive in every aspect of your life.

Here are seven characteristics that give power to your writing discipline:

1. Potential

2. Purpose

3. Positivity

4. Perseverance

5. Passion

6. Production

7. Proactivity

Whatever you do, keep a positive attitude, despite how dreary the day may look outside or whatever obstacle rolls your way. Remember, you are in charge of your attitude. How you approach and deal with situations and people primarily depends on how you choose to handle it. Your attitude and approach will either enhance or destroy your character.

In order for your writing passion to be manifested, you must use your potential with great purpose. Continue to persevere with a positive attitude and remain proactive in order to produce your personal power of character behind your pen.



4 thoughts on “7 Characteristics of Writing Power

  1. Don Morrison says:

    Wonderful advice for my writing aspirations. I’ve been published in the past and asked to write technical and business magazine articles, but your list of traits of good expression sure provides a filter to help keep to the point. Values behind any story or documentation should be reflected in any writing as well.

    Cooperation and positive approaches always have winners. Competition has its place, but win-win games have fewer losers. Let’s promote the positives and build on each others’ talents and values.


  2. Hi Don,

    Thank you for your very nice comments. I commend you on forging ahead with your publishing endeavors. You know, I am all too familiar with receiving rejection notes in the mail or by email. You just have to turn that rejection into an asset. Attitude has a lot to do with your success and it sounds like you have all of these lovely ingredients to continue making that happen! You grow when you learn and when you learn, you accelerate!!! Keep growing because when you are passionate about our craft as you are, you find that you get better and better the more you do it. Even the most seasoned writer and journalist grows when they learn and change.

    Stay inspired!


  3. The hand that holds your pen is so compassionate and wise. readers can feel your calm spirit that touches many other hearts. We’re grateful for your vision and we’ll keep following your words!!!


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