Retrospect, Gratitude and a Happy New Year

Alas, we have arrived at that pivotal time when we review the various events that took place this year and evaluate how they affected us. We cannot brood over how tough our storms were, but celebrate just how miraculous we navigated through them. When you think about those times you felt like you were in the eye of a tornado, remember how God turned the situation into a gentle breeze. When you think about the torrential rains and dark clouds that filled many of your days, remember how you watched as the sun broke through those clouds and the rain turned into a soothing shower. When you think about your life being shaken up like a violent earthquake reaching the highest range on the Richter scale, remember that you weren’t crushed to death by falling through the cracks.

Last year, I challenged readers to create a “Gratitude or Thankful Journal” for each day of the year. The objective of a Gratitude Journal is to keep thankfulness in perspective. You must write at least one entry in your journal every day, no matter how you feel. That’s at least 365 reasons why you are grateful each year. You could be thankful for good health, an unexpected gift someone gave you, a raise on your job, grateful that you didn’t get into an accident while driving to and from your destination, or that God kept you and your family safe and sound. You could also be thankful for the opportunity to get another step closer towards your goals.

In retrospect, we think about the past and adopt new ways to make things better. In gratitude, we live passionately, with purpose and continue dancing to the music even when no music is playing. For a happy new year, we adjust our attitudes to be an asset, instead of a liability, to humanity.

With continued peace and abundant prosperity, always celebrate life with your head held high, love in your heart and a song to continue dancing to. Happy New Year everyone!


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