Moments to Embrace Natural Wonders

“Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he can learn more than what is in books, for they speak with the voice of God.” ~ George Washington Carver

It’s amazing that as adults we sometimes stop soaking in the excitement of little things that exhilarated us when we were kids. The older I get, I often find myself sitting quietly and taking a moment to absorb the awesome beauty of God’s incredible creation. During the spring and summer, I am constantly sitting outside listening to the birds singing, watching the squirrels run to and fro, and seeing the birth of new shoots of flowers and leaves unfolding everywhere.

I still marvel at the changes in our weather, and although many describe it as bizarre occurrences, I have to sit down and take in the beauty of the moment. When we have rain showers, I sometimes sit by the window and occasionally open it, to watch and listen to the melody of the raindrops. When there is a nice spring breeze outside, I sometimes open my windows to allow the fresh air to float through. In the morning as the sun slowly rises, I get excited watching the sky transform from shades of orange sherbet and lilac into a beautiful blue sky with white, fluffy clouds and think, “Now this is good!”

We know that at any given moment, the more torrential the rain falls, the greater the threat of flooding. We know that the stronger the breeze, the greater the threat of a tornado. We know that the stronger the snowfall, the greater the chance for a blizzard. Although we understand and heed the dangers of the storms, we know at the end of the storm, the sun (Son) always shines with rays of hope!

But this morning, for this moment, as I look outside watching the delicate showers of snowflakes fall, in all of its innocence, majesty, purity and gentleness, I think, “God, you are more awesome than I could ever imagine.” I am grateful, for the opportunity to simply stop, observe and get giddy about seeing and experiencing life, with the type of excitement I remember feeling when I was younger!

If only for a moment, stop and smell the roses, magnolias or gardenias. If only for a moment, stop and listen to the musical composition of the rainfall. If only for a moment, stop and watch the fluidity of the trees dance in the gentle breeze. If only for a moment, stop and watch as the delicate whispers of snowflakes in the crisp winter air begin to layer the ground and trees in a beautiful white blanket of “wow!”. If only for a moment, we will find that the special events of life will turn into minutes, then into hours, then into days and then into years. Finally, you will realize that your one moment of gratitude can turn into a lifetime of unforgettable memories! Enjoy your moment…I certainly am!


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