Deep Reading: 7 Advantages for Reading Development

We live in a modern culture where practically everything we do is accelerated and abbreviated. We somehow get trapped into a mode of thinking that as we do things quicker we are saving more time, energy and resources. Perhaps we are in some areas, but are we more sustainable due to certain time-abridged methods?

You will find a myriad of e-readers on the market that gives us the access and convenience of literary portability in a condensed amount of space. While this is a great idea for techno-savvy readers, some have questioned how you could possibly get lost in the text, by rushing your reading experience.

There are advantages to both deep reading and speed-reading. Speed-reading can apply to different types of reading where you skip or skim the text for quicker clues to the meaning of the content. Some readers jokingly equate speed-reading with drinking several cups of caffeinated coffee non-stop. Others feel that deep reading mimics sipping on a cup of hot tea in a spring garden of fragrant flowers. Regardless of your preference, reading is a fundamental element in our brain function. How fast or slow you read depends on your comfort level and retention factor.

There is a concern about the decline in deep reading among parents, librarians, authors and corporate executives. There are some significant advantages to deep reading. Here are seven reasons that make deep reading so rewarding:

1. It promotes the ability to process what you are reading
2. It is more detail-oriented, instead of skimming snippets of information
3. It gives you an opportunity to savor and understand the words in the text
4. It leaves room for promoting imagination and creativity
5. It builds a relationship with the message behind the author’s storyline.
6. It helps writers to develop their craft better and express themselves uniquely.
7. A deep reading environment is rather quiet and devoid of numerous distractions

Although we tend to be visual creatures, deep reading invokes analytical insight. Whatever process you choose, speed or deep reading, continue to read copiously. Reading is fundamental in practically every aspect of our lives, regardless of your profession, social status or creed.


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