March is National Women’s History Month

Women are like teabags. We don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water!          ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

We can recall at least one woman who made an indelible mark in our lives that changed us forever. We witnessed amazing strength, resiliency, tenderness and sensitivity in women who encouraged us and helped to shape our lives in a profound way.

Since Biblical times we meditated on the stories of some great female warriors, leaders, heroines and disciples who left their mark in history. The “seen and not heard” syndrome was becoming poisonous, when women did not have a voice that could resonate just as loud as any man of their peers could. As we moved through different eras of transition throughout each generation, women garnered the strength, tenacity and wisdom to make a defining mark in history.

As we celebrate National Women’s History Month, I invite you to take a moment and reflect on at least one woman in your life who made her mark in a quiet or bold way and became a voice of change in a positive way. In 1978, the celebration of women’s history began in Sonoma County, California as Women’s History Week. In 1981, Rep. Barbara Mikulski (D-Maryland) and Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) co-sponsored a joint Congressional resolution recognizing National Women’s History Week. Congress later expanded the week to a month in 1987. March was thereby declared the month to celebrate National Women’s History.

The theme for National Women’s History Month is “2011: Our History is Our Strength!” If a woman has touched your life in a profound way, whether she’s your teacher, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend or mentor, reach out and tell them how much you appreciate the impact they made in your life!

If you would like to honor a woman who made significant contributions in your life, I invite you to leave her name and her relationship to you in the comment section below. To all of you fabulous women out there, making a positive impact for your community, home and your Godly convictions…Happy National Women’s History Month!

Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womanless history, she learns she is worth less.  ~ Myra Pollack Sadker


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