Tea & Poetry Book Club Celebration

Tea & Poetry Book Club

Who is your favorite poet and what is your favorite poem? As you know, we will celebrate National Poetry Month in April. To me, poetry is the ability to create a literary art form where language makes its unique melody through the aesthetics of words. I always found that regardless of the season, I embrace sipping on a nice cup of one of my favorite flavored hot teas, while reading some poetry. A cup of hot tea and reading your favorite poem are classic traveling companions.

Many individuals, book clubs, libraries and social groups will be celebrating April with a variety of events to embrace and commemorate the fine art of poetry. Throughout the month, I will be highlighting something significant in the world of poetry, whether it’s a book, a poet, an event or a poem.

My Tea & Poetry Book Club Celebration will begin on April 1st. I invite you to share with me the name of your favorite flavor of hot tea, your favorite poet, your favorite poem and your favorite place where you enjoy your delightful cup of tea, when reading your poetry. Stay tuned. There’s more to come from my Tea & Poetry Book Club!



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