Celebrating Easter, A Holy Day!

Celebrating Easter!

As we approach Easter, let us not forget about the true meaning of what Easter signifies. It is not about the Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny, Easter baskets, Easter outfits or simply going to church on Easter Sunday. Easter is about the Almighty sacrifice that Jesus Christ gave for us, His Resurrection and God’s divine forgiveness of our sins. All too often, we become entrapped by the commercialism of what our holidays are supposed to really mean and the true message gets lost in the shuffle somehow.

For those of us who gave up something during the Lenten Season, let us continue to carry that spirit of prayer, atonement, fasting, and self-denial throughout the year. Let us not try to neatly fit these all important, life-changing times of reflection and celebration into a convenient package that we tuck away until this time next year rolls around. I cannot say often enough how we are truly blessed to be in a country where we can freely practice our religion, our political views and a myriad of other liberties without deadly persecution. We must not take these areas of independence for granted because things can change when we least expect it. We do not live in a land where dictatorship governs every fabric of our lives. We must rejoice in that fact.

As we commemorate the festivities of this Easter, may we continue to reflect on keeping it a Holy Day instead of just another commercialized holiday. Peace & Blessings everyone!


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