My Personal Embrace of Easter


Easter holds two personal significances for me. First, it is a constant reminder that Jesus Christ made a major sacrifice on our behalf that resonates long after His Resurrection from His death on the cross. After countless times of reading about the passion of Jesus Christ and the horrific brutality he endured, it still saddens me when I try to “humanly” comprehend how people could mistreat others with unthinkable cruelty and feel no remorse. I understand the spiritual purpose why Jesus became the sacrificial Lamb, but amid my humbleness and gratefulness, playing out this scene during Holy Week is still very painful to me.

My second reason is that my mother passed away on Easter Sunday 2003. The way I manage to find peace with her passing, especially on this Holy Day, is knowing that she became a part of the Renaissance, the Rebirth, a new beginning and a greater Divine purpose in a different realm. Although I still experience periodical moments of sadness pierced by a maternal void that runs so deep, I am reminded that the life I live, the work I do and the heart I have will speak for me one day. When that day of my transition arrives, I want to be certain that I did not waste precious moments on frivolousness, foolishness and selfishness.

Yet, in my moments of sadness over these personal significant Easter Holy Day meanings, I find an unbelievable amount of joy, peace, happiness, gentleness and love that keeps me pressing forward to my higher calling; to be the servant that God purposed me to be and not what man thinks I should be.

I realize that many people perceive, embrace and celebrate Easter quite differently than I do. For me, Easter is not a matter of a basket, bunny or an egg, but a matter of the heart…my heart. So, in celebration of this worthy, historical and sacred commemoration, I wish all of you a very Happy Easter!


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