Arbor Day: Why Trees Are Important to Our Environment

Celebrating Arbor Day!

Why are trees so important to our environment? Trees are nature’s natural filtration systems. Without the continuous replenishment of planting trees when hundreds are excavated from heavily populated forests and wooded areas, we will definitely struggle to breathe and survive. A tree helps to clean the air and releases oxygen for us to breathe. They absorb carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, greenhouse gases and nitrogen dioxide. Trees absorb pollutants from the soil. Trees can help to slow down water runoff from flash flooding. Trees help to control noise pollution. Overall, trees are a very important part of our environmental equation.

As we celebrate Arbor Day let us participate in planting and caring for our trees. The first Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska on April 10, 1872. During this time, more than one million trees were planted. Founded by J. Sterling Morton, he worked to improve agricultural techniques in his state of residency and across the U.S.

To learn more about the programs, history, educational resources and volunteer opportunities with the Arbor Day celebration and beyond, visit Have a beautiful and productive Arbor Day!


2 thoughts on “Arbor Day: Why Trees Are Important to Our Environment

  1. Many residence across the map are losing trees to make way for living spaces.
    Residents in the SouthPark area of Charlotte NC lost their fight with a developer over a large tree-filled lot just this week. Charlotte leaders voted to let Cresent Resources cut down trees in one of the last green spaces left off of Fairview Road so it can build a new 350-unit high rise apartment building.


  2. I heard about that. I think that decision is so tragic, unless the trees were a threat to falling down on houses or something of that nature.


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