Writers: A Few Rules about Directory Articles

Directory Article Sites

Many writers are submitting directory articles on every topic imaginable. Directory articles are a great way to market your business or your organization. With many stringent regulations regarding duplicate content or using content by someone else and passing it off as yours, article hubs are examining article submissions more microscopically than before.

Article directories sites are looking for good quality writing from writers. What are you writing and why do you write them? Here are a few rules that most directory article sites use:

  1. The articles that you submit must be unique content written by you.
  2. You agree to grant these sites the right to publish your article based on their stipulations.
  3. You grant other users the right to publish your article as long as it remains in its original state of composition.
  4. You cannot use affiliate links
  5. Check the directory site to see if they allow anchor text linking or not.
  6. Be sure to proofread and check your article for spelling and grammatical errors prior to submission. These things could keep your article from being published.
  7. Read, understand and agree to their privacy policy.

Different directory article sites will have varied degrees of rules and regulations in order to participate on their sites. Be sure to check their guidelines for word count and other important information that could affect your success rate for publication.


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