Is Your Child a Member of a Book Club?

We know when parents and adults encourage and inspire children to read, it becomes habitual for them to foster that desire to read. Many parents and adults use bedtime as a time to read their children a story that will help them go to sleep. The quality time you spend with children helping them to develop good reading habits, can also lead to developing creative writing skills.

Just as adults have book clubs to share and discuss particular books for those with likeminded literary interests, there should be more book clubs for children as well. I was particularly blown away when I saw the massive readers who are part of the Harry Potter Book Club. The dialogue exchanged between children and many adults about the different series of Harry Potter Books, consists of thousands of readers who  contribute to the increased brand awareness that probably blew J.K. Rowling away!

Often children will engage is some type of sports or music related activity outside regular school hours. But, why not start a Book Club for Children, either in conjunction with your local library, benevolent organizations or even collaborating with a local bookstore? A children’s book club will give them the experience of discussing and interacting with other children and encourage them to read more. Sometimes reading breaks down certain learning barriers that many children tend to struggle with. Children are interactive creatures and a book club is ideal for that educational interaction that could shape the direction of their future learning.


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