Before Giving Advice on Writing, Take Your Own Advice First

Article Marketing Campaigns

I think in whatever craft or industry we choose, we do not want to be mediocre by creating material that is very amateurish or substandard.  Interestingly today, I was reading an article that was written by someone who is supposed to be an expert in the field of writing excellent content for syndication. This article was a systematic advice column about being the authority on producing a prosperous article marketing campaign. Needless to say, I am always looking for ways to improve my article marketing techniques, but I was highly disappointed in the quality of writing I expected to read from this article.

At first, I thought was not reading many of the sentences correctly and had to go back to reread them. Then I thought that the article was a test to see if readers could detect the incorrect sentence structures and misappropriation of words. As I finally made my way to the end of the steps, I discovered that the author was really serious about the piece they wrote, but my advice to them is to heed the advice they are trying to give other writers.

Recently, I read a local community magazine that looked nice from the outside, but once I started reading the articles on each page, it was clearly obvious that the editor and writing staff really need to polish their writing skills before distributing this material to the masses. You could tell that these individuals tried to throw in a few upscale words to appear professional, but in many cases, they incorrectly used homophones and heterophones that was an “elementary” school English class no-no!

Understandably, we will run into many compositions that will contain a mistake or two, but it is good to write first and then put it aside to come back and read, then edit and then reread again. I do not claim to be the most-perfect writer, but it is in my blood to strive for that perfection. Since I am writing in English, then I am expected to write accordingly. If I am writing in another language however, then I am expected to acknowledge and write according to that language’s proper format and structure. Good quality writing is not an option, but if you call yourself a writer, then it is an absolute must!


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