Giving Thanks Even When It Is A Challenge

As Thanksgiving Day rolls around each year, everyone is engaged in the family gatherings, the food preparation and a moment of nostalgia for giving genuine thanks for this day. I initially had something else prepared to write for Thanksgiving Day, until I just read a post on Facebook that a friend of mine lost his son in a car accident as he was headed home to be with his family Wednesday afternoon. As I began thinking about the irony of this accident, I believe that my friend’s son did arrive home and is with his family in an incredible, glorious way.

I cannot imagine the pain and void that my friend is enduring right now as we enter this customary national day of Thanksgiving, but I pray for God to grant him and his family the strength to get through this challenging time. I do not know what it is like to lose a child, but talking with my friends and colleagues who have, the pain is one that no one could fathom unless they have been there. I do know that you never seem to recover from loss, but you continue to pray and focus on God to get you through the process.

I can’t imagine the heaviness of my friend’s heart right now in losing his son, but I do know about pain and heartache. For this reason, I try to make a concerted effort to be thankful every single day. Although I realize that there are things that can be challenging and aggravating during our daily trek in life, I cannot allow those distractions and irritations to keep me from praising God from whom all blessings flow.  

I hope that everyone will reflect on giving thanks more sincerely and passionately every day. Never take anything or anyone for granted. In an instant, anything could happen and change our lives forever. However, if a situation or person is working against your spiritual well-being, then sometimes you have to make a tough decision to either walk away or let it go. With this gift of life, it should not be wasted on frivolousness, foolishness or folly.

Peace and Blessings on this Thanksgiving Day. Celebrate every day with passion!


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