The Daily Green Offers Green Books

The Daily Green, a consumer’s guide to green from, is reintroducing some environmental books authored by staff, friends and contributors of the Daily Green. These recent works cover a broad range of topics and styles. Many include natural health, technology, food and even sex. Here are links to these green books that will make a great gift for the “green-conscious” individual that you know.

Geothermal HVAC is a technical book, but it is written for the layperson, as well as professionals in the field.

Green Lighting is about energy-saving light solutions and strategies that you can start using today to save money and help you live smarter and more comfortably.

The Cheapskate Next Door portrays how families are getting closer together, reducing stress and planning for the future by cutting out waste and reducing the kind of consumer spending that tends to leave one unsatisfied, and at the mercy of creditors.

Safe Food: The Politics of Food Safety is targeted in the field of healthy nutrition.

The Backyard BeeKeeper is a wonderful primer on beginning beekeeping for home and garden.

Conscious Kitchen isn’t just about recipes, but also about how to keep a clean, healthy, positive home environment.

Planet Home is a collaboration of one of the movement’s superstar businessmen and one of its most dedicated writers.

The Town is the heartwarming story of how a high tide can really raise all boats, and how communities that rediscover the joys of healthy, local eating can reinvent themselves.

No More Dirty Looks isn’t the first book to tackle toxic beauty products, but provides a lot of great recommendations for more natural alternatives. Iit is written in an accessible, contemporary style, with colorful language that makes it easier to digest words like parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate.

The Green Body Cleanse is packed with info that can help you learn about this increasingly popular world. Just be sure to check with your health provider before you attempt any cleanses.

Eco-Sex is an accessible guide to the “Eco-Sexual Revolution.”

Do One Green Thing – In the forward to the book, Meryl Streep wrote, “The key to making green a byword in everyone’s life is ease of access. This focus is what makes Do One Green Thing such a pleasure to read.” 

Good green reading!


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