The Revival of Independent Bookstores

In the midst of a challenging economy, many avid readers still want to experience the pleasure and enjoyment of strolling into a book store and thumbing through the shelves of books. With the closing of some of mega bookstores, many independent bookstores are getting a spillover of people who used to shop at those big book stores but are looking for another place, besides online, to shop. Many smaller bookstores are able to hold on to their niches and customers because they give great customer service and is a haven for people to socialize at. Many people, like me, still share the theory that although with the advent of Kindle, Nook, iPad and other e-readers, hard copy published books will still maintain its place in history and will never really go away.

In 2006, I wrote an article 12 Life Saving Tips for Small Bookstores Swimming In a Sea of Mega Bookstores that gives some simple tips for small, independent bookstores to survive in the midst of  big bookstores appearing to swallow them up in a literary gulp. There is no doubt that the book industry will continue to grow and the avenues of availability for avid readers will continue to expand. I am so glad that brick and mortar bookstores are still standing and thriving amid the less than optimistic sea of existence.


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