December is Read-a-New-Book Month

Read A New Book Month

This is the season where people are searching for the ideal Christmas gift for someone special. The one thing that will make the perfect gift for your book enthusiast or avid reader is giving a book that is new, meaningful and relative to their taste. We are celebrating Read-a-New-Book Month in December.

I came across this blog by that lists 20 Best Websites To Download Free EBooks that they compiled for your use. You can search and download a variety of topics and genres to satisfy your literary appetite. You can also check out the “Best Sellers” List from the New York Times for gift ideas. You can also read book reviews and news from the New York Time before you buy. Google Books offers the latest index of books you can preview or read for free!

Now, you cannot find a reason or excuse for not having access to resources that make reading a new book conveniently available.


2 thoughts on “December is Read-a-New-Book Month

  1. I was surprised how many of my friends like the smell, the feel and excitement a new book brings. Even giving a gift card to a bookstore raises the eyebrows with delight. Thanks for reminding us to give and get knowledge.


  2. Francene Marie, I have to agree with you wholeheartedly! I think there is something so refreshing yet comforting when you thumb through the pages of a hardback or paperback book! I love digital, but I am also nostalgic about reading a hard copy book as well.


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