Expert Author Showcase

Sometimes you can get some of the most amazing and unexpected news, that makes your day, month and year! Often the industry of writing is shortchanged, simply because many who do not truly understand the principles and importance of writing, equate it to a mound of egocentric mumbo jumbo.

However, as most writers and authors are adamant and passionate about what they do, we find a community of support among likeminded individuals and the acknowledgement from people who say to you that you have inspired them in one way or another. Talk about satisfaction that is worth more than money can buy!

I was honored to hear from one of the article directories I submit to, who featured me on their weekly blog. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I felt when I read my letter of acceptance and actually clicked on the link that lead to my feature. Thank you! What a great Christmas present! I cannot lie and say that I did not shed some tears of joy, because there were many. What I can admit is that this news has given me the shot of energy I need to continue using the God-given gifts that I am truly blessed to share! What an adrenaline rush!


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