Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It still blows my mind that Christmas is here! I wonder where this year went. I comically felt that I was living part of a “Rip Van Winkle” story, although I was not living a hermitic life of idleness as Rip did.

The one thing 2010 made me realize even more, is never take time for granted! I do not plan to make a New Year’s Resolution, which is something I gave up doing years ago. I believe that this year seemed to go by so fast because I continued to be an active part of “life!” During my times of reflection, I had to take a moment to pause in order to focus on my journey ahead. The year seemed to fly by and it makes you feel that you didn’t accomplish anything. However, when you take a moment or two to sit, do absolutely nothing and allow your spirit to be engulfed by the bigger purpose and plan that God laid out for us, then you will realize that you actually accomplished more that you thought.

As Christmas announces it’s much anticipated arrival, I know that the greatest gift of all was a sacrifice that became the Light of the World and oh, what a Holy Night that was!

Peace & Blessings Always,


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