World Book Night Volunteer!

U.S. World Book Night

WOW, I am sooooo excited! I was just informed today that I was chosen as one of the volunteers to help give away free copies of one of the books I selected on World Book Night, occurring on April 23, 2012! The purpose of World Book Night is to give away books to new readers, by sharing your passion for a great book and to help encourage reading.

The committee from World Book Night extended the deadline for volunteer applications, no later than Monday February 6, 2012. If you feel that you would like to become a volunteer and give a gift to someone who you could encourage to get into the habit of reading, then please feel free to apply to be a volunteer –  Be sure, as with any application, that you make your answers concise, thorough, relevant and free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Good luck to all of you who want to sign up to volunteer for World Book Night. I am absolutely delighted and can’t wait to pass out my books to encourage reading and to help promote literacy!


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