Digital Popup Books and Poetry Books That Do Not Contain Words?

Image Credit: Between Page And Screen

What do you think about books that contain augmented reality content? A digital pop-up book called “Between Page And Screen” does not contain words, but is printed with a special QR code that the reader can hold up to their webcam, which allows sections of the poem to appear on their screen. This book of poetry only contains black and white codes. Receiving skepticism for this type of digital book technology from various authors, Between Page And Screen experiments with a different form of word art that could add a different dimension to the way poetry, books and other published material, as well as interacting with storytelling can convey.

What about digital pop-up books designed for computer tablets like the iPad? Can you really experience and embrace the virtual creation of a pop-up children’s book over a physical pop-up book that you can actually hold and allow your eyes to interact with the art form? Can technology really replace the intimacy of the written word? The jury is still out, but various publishing components of cryptic digital pop-up books are adding an interesting twist to the way things are read in the future.


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