My Birthday Rainbow

There’s a rainbow at the end of the storm!

Today was no ordinary day, but a day for new beginnings, at a new time, in a new chapter. Birthdays are constant reminders of the day you entered this world to contribute to the better of humankind. So often, we fail to come to terms with our significance in life, because we become so distracted by the things that could ultimately destroy us and the lives around us.  We tend to be trapped in a maze of confusion, instead of staying focused on what our mission is, while we still have breath in our bodies. The older I get I hope to contribute something good, positive and edifying every day, even if I am not feeling my absolute best. 

As I was driving home from having a birthday lunch with a couple of my girlfriends, a sudden storm came up and I found myself at a literal standstill on the interstate with hundreds of other drivers. It seemed like suddenly the sky began overflowing with golf-ball sized hail. The rain was coming down so strong until I could barely see the vehicle that was 10 feet ahead of me. Not quite what I expected on my birthday!

Slowly, some of us crept through the traffic jam, in this storm that did not seem to let up. I drove onward, barely coasting, to avoid hydroplaning or colliding with someone else. I prayed for the safety of the other drivers who were trying to navigate in this turbulent storm. Several drivers took shelter under the overpasses, but there was no room underneath for me to even do that. I was concerned about pulling over on the shoulder because the ground was so saturated and I feared getting bogged down in the mud.

But, to God be the Glory, I crept along through the storm until it began to dissipate. Next, the most miraculous thing happened to ease my discomfort of getting through that storm. The most amazing and beautiful rainbow appeared in the direction I was driving. I was so filled with emotion that I couldn’t do anything but stare at it. The rainbow didn’t last long, but it’s presence was so amazing. It was also a reminder that without the rain, there would be no rainbow. At that moment, I felt God patting me on the back and reassuring me that my trust in Him through that storm is what I needed to get out of the storm. At the end of the storm is a rainbow. You just have to look up to see it.


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