Why Are You Celebrating the 4th of July?

Why are you celebrating the 4th of July today? Is it because of the cookouts? Because you have the day off? Because there are going to be some slammin’ fireworks lighting up the sky tonight? Because of the parades? Or because there will be some awesome outdoor concerts to groove to?

While all of these reasons are typical for commemorating this day, let’s not forget the real reasons why we are celebrating with food, fun, family and friends. Don’t forget about the sacrifices for freedom that many of our ancestors and service personnel fought so hard for and died because of it. Don’t forget about the paths that were laid for justice and equality for all. Don’t forget about how God blessed this country even though we often behave in such a manner that is so undeserving. Don’t forget about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutional Amendments and the blessing it is to be a citizen of this great nation.

All too often we abuse these rights and take them for granted. It’s painful to know that many born in America will flunk the exam that foreigners study for in order to become a citizen of this country. It is not acceptable to not be able to sing our National Anthem. It is not acceptable to not know what the stars and stripes mean in our flag. It is not acceptable to not be able to fully recite our Pledge of Allegiance. It is not acceptable to not know the history of this country or your ancestry. It is not acceptable that although we have moved from an agricultural and industrial era, to an era of modern technology, that we disregard skilled labor. Because of the past, is why we celebrate the present and must lay an edifying pathway for those who we pass on the torch to, who will light our future.

So in your celebration today, be sure to take a moment to reflect and remember, while celebrating with fun and passion.

Have a safe, blessed and Happy 4th of July!


2 thoughts on “Why Are You Celebrating the 4th of July?

  1. Living in the Minneapolis metro area, it’s nearly impossible to forget our war heroes of past and present. Most parades have several branches of the military represented, dressed in full regatta. As they pass by, most people stand, clap, cheer and wave as they men and women of the armed forces march by. For those of us who are patriotic, it’s very moving to witness their sacrifice.

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