Let the Games Begin for the 2012 Olympics

2012 Olympics - XXX Olympiad

2012 Olympics
XXX Olympiad

The opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics or XXX Olympiad was filled with emotional pageantry. Each country participating in this largest cultural celebration is represented by their best athletes for all game competitions.

I am always impressed and inspired by individuals who defy the odds of their challenges and become champions in spite of those trials. As the 2012 Olympics commenced in London this week, I heard about a 26-year old South Korean Archer who is legally blind and actually won a gold metal in the team event at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. Im Dong-hyun only sees blurred colors and lines when he focuses on the target, which is about 76 yards away when focusing on his archery. He does not wear glasses in the competition.

What courage and determination this young man exhibits, by not allowing what may appear as a disadvantage to us, to get in his way of becoming a true champion! He adjusted and turned what seemed to be an unfortunate situation into an opportunity to win! And win he has. Im set the first world record in the London Olympics on Friday, July 27th. He actually broke his own mark and helped South Korea set a team record during the opening round.

Although I am rooting for all of our USA teams, I am still inspired by stories of overcoming insurmountable odds and becoming great champions in the process!


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