Association of Writers and Writing Programs

Fifteen writers representing 13 creating writing programs established the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) in 1967 as a nonprofit organization. The organization fosters literary achievement, advances the art of writing as essential to good education, as well as to serve the makers, students, teachers and readers of contemporary writing.

The organization supports over 500 colleges and universities, thousands of individual writers as members, and 100 writers conferences and centers. The provide resources, support, advocacy and community to nearly 50,000 writers. AWP was created to encourage and advocate for new programs and to provide publishing opportunities for young writers.

AWP helped North America to develop a literature as diverse as its people, more than any other nonprofit literary organization. AWP also supported the development of hundreds of educational programs, conferences, reading series, and literary magazines, as well as thousands of jobs for writers and new audiences for contemporary literature.The advent of creative writing programs created the world’s largest network of literary patronage.

Find out more about the Association of Writers and Writing Programs at


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