Favorite Things for a CAUSE

2012 Paralympics on Favorite Things for a CAUSEThe pomp and circumstance of the 2012 Olympics in London, England mesmerized the world with heavy competition of the best athletes representing countries worldwide. Later in the month, following that event of sheer pageantry and athletic focus, the Paralympics brought us a unique element of skills and competencies. It’s unfortunate that the same type of conversation and mass excitement we witnessed with the 2012 Olympics did not spill over in the same manner with the 2012 Paralympic Games.

We were impressed by the courage and stamina these worldwide Paralympic athletes brought to the table, by representing their respective countries with dignity and honor, just like any other Olympic athlete. We truly wished there was more worldwide emphasis on the Paralympic games than we heard, because these athletes are truly inspirational to all of us who want to give up hope in the midst of situations that could inevitably be character building…

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