Is It Possible That Every Day Could Be Like Christmas?

Merry ChristmasAs Christmas comes and goes, whether or not you celebrated this commemoration of Jesus’ birth, does the essence of how this monumental event changed the world, actually change you? What if every day could be like Christmas? What if we put the emphasis that we put on celebrating this awesome, life-changing event on one day, by applying the same sense of peace and love every, single day of our lives? Can you imagine how incredible things would be in our families, communities, nation and the world?

I absolute love this song that Patti LaBelle sang, “If Everyday Could Be Like Christmas” Listen to the words and it will simply remind us about the possibility of responding to every day life the way we respond to Christmas. Oh can you imagine what an impact that would be to all man and womankind? Why not give it a try? What do you really have to lose?


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