Designing Your Customer Experience Strategy by Thinking Like Super Bowl Champions

Super Bowl Customer Experience From Behind the PenDesigning Your Customer Experience Strategy by Thinking Like Super Bowl Champions
By Kym Gordon Moore

Do you have an innovative and successful customer engagement campaign? If you do, then how do you build on that achievement? Social engagement success is largely dependent on the type of experience you give your visitors or followers, how they emotionally connect to your product or service, and what you are offering your customers that would add value to their lives.

The most watched sporting event in the world is the Super Bowl. Millions of people will either attend the big game or watch it on television. This highly physical contact sport has men, women and children around the world obsessed with every facet of the game. Why are millions of people passionate about “The Big Game” and why are they loyal? Fans take ownership and become devoted advocates for their favorite team. They experience the vibe of the players and coaches’ hunger to win, their devotion to practicing diligently and the bragging rights for the ultimate badge of honor bestowed on every Super Bowl Championship, the Lombardi Trophy.

Teams study and analyze their… Read More

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