Why Are We Obsessed With the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 2013 - From Behind the Pen

Prepare for the Show Down! Who will win?

Why are millions of people glued to television sets everywhere to watch “The Big Game” on Super Bowl Sunday? What makes this most-watched sporting event all the rage in blogs, articles, commentaries, links, social media discussions, pictures of fans in their team’s paraphernalia posted on Facebook or Google + and sports shows?

It is because the Super Bowl presents a myriad of entertainment for their fans, on the field and off. From the funniest and most memorable commercials to the pre-game and half-time shows, to who sang the Star Spangled Banner, what they wore and how they performed, to the celebrities and owner’s families attending the game, this event is giving people everywhere something to talk about for a long time.

On  Super Bowl Sunday fans will be tailgating, homegating and throwing parties everywhere as they fellowship around big screen televisions watching minute by minute plays and memorable moments that engage the viewing audience.

What commercials are going to be the funniest or most memorable? Who will the MVP be? Which team will win? The Ravens or the 49ers? Which team is the most favored and which one is the underdog? Will the half-time show blow your socks off? Which coach will walk off the field with the Lombardi Trophy, Jim Harbaugh (49ers) or John Harbaugh (Ravens)? Be sure to share your thoughts! This should be pretty darn good.


2 thoughts on “Why Are We Obsessed With the Super Bowl?

  1. It’s the most popular sport in the US, and it’s decided by ONE game instead of a whole series. I think that’s that. I also think it’s popular because it’s popular, if you follow that.


  2. Sporting Nerds, you make a very good point there. The NFL has an awesome marketing and PR team. Many of us buy into the explosive hype with that one game and it exhilarates fans nationwide, even if our team doesn’t make it! I have to say that with the Super Bowl, they have a lot to engage their audience: the game, halftime show, commercials, who gets the Lombardi Trophy, who the MVP is, etc. Love it or hate it, we are captivated by it! 🙂


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