Today is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

"Out Chorus" by Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden “Out Chorus” Etching and Aquatint

What a fun and artistic day of celebration. Today, we are commemorating “Inspire Your Heart With Art!” Check out a museum, art gallery, an exhibition or stroll through the art district in your city or town. Create something fun and artistic that you can share with others.

Whatever you decide to do today to celebrate the love of art, enjoy and embrace the work and passion behind the art and the artist. Here are a few artists whose work I truly appreciate: Dale Chihuly, Romare Bearden and Eric M. Sternfels.

Happy “Inspire Your Heart With Art Day!”

Dale Chihuly Glass Art From Behind the Pen

Dale Chihuly “Glass Art”

Pourtensious Lighting by Eric M. Sternfels

Eric M. Sternfels “Pourtensious Lighting”


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