Things That Make You Go, What the….?

Ok, so here’s the forecast: The Meteorologist said, the last time I listened to the weather report earlier today, that we were going to see a few snowflakes, but they weren’t going to stick. Well, we did have a few snowflakes fall, but it really was too wet and there were too few to stick. Then the weather report called for it to get clear, colder and the sun may be coming out. Thus, this little cold front of small snowflakes was simply passing through…according to the weather reports.

So, as I was going through some papers, I just happened to look outside and saw some more snowflakes around 5:35pm this afternoon, but thought nothing of that because, according to the weather reports, they were just passing through. Now, here’s the kicker, I went to tell my husband that I saw a few snowflakes coming down again, but it appears that they are trying to stick this time. He said “Oh yeah?” I told him I was going to take a break and make me a cup of hot tea and asked if he wanted anything, so he requested a cup of coffee.

As I was coming downstairs to put some water in the kettle, I just happened to look outside and low and behold, I just stood there, yelled up to my husband and told him to please look outside. Within every bit of 5 minutes of this conversation, I grabbed my camera and took these photos!

February Snowflakes in North Carolina From Behind the Pen

Snowing in February 2013 From Behind the Pen

I felt like I just went through a time warp! Well, so much for that forecast! Think I’ll have a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows instead of a cup of tea! I am still in shock from seeing this quick accumulation of snow to have tea!


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