The Assessment of Ethical Behavior During National Ethics Month

The Assessment of Ethical Behavior During National Ethics Month
By Kym Gordon Moore

Does your business or organization place high values on moral principles? How does your business or organization promote ethical behavior and strengthen your ethical culture? In celebration of National Ethics Awareness Month, individuals, businesses and organizations must take an assessment of the set of values that without fail, guides our decisions and behavior.

National Ethics Awareness Month is celebrated annually during the month of March to promote ethics awareness and ethical behavior. The decisions we make become critical if an effective organizational culture discourages unethical behavior, while abiding by business ethics and social responsibility.

Unethical behavior could have long-term, short-term or permanent consequences that could damage all parties directly or indirectly involved. Key stakeholders, shareholders, clients, vendors and investors can experience damaging consequences if ethical standards are not upheld personally or in business cultures. It is imperative that individuals and organizations place high values on moral principles and employ them.

We must make sure that our corporate and private sectors are held ethically accountable. If a person is ethical in their private lives, more than likely they will apply the same type of principles at work. Negligence and unscrupulous behavior are unacceptable and could lead to criminal consequences and be costly to organizations and individuals. Businesses should provide more ethics training in order to help employees and stakeholders clarify their ethical frameworks while practicing self-discipline when making just decisions in difficult circumstances.

Business ethics and social responsibility correlate with profitability. It can affect customer and investor loyalty, employee commitment and customer satisfaction. Corporate governance systematically removes the opportunity for employees to make unethical decisions. An organization’s image, corporate reputation and brand cannot be compromised, which could ultimately lead to illegal misconduct if it is. Greed or egotism can be contributing factors that could lead to unethical behavior. By avoiding ethical misconduct, leaders must make decisions to prevent misconduct within the organization. National Ethics Awareness Month is an ideal time to reinforce or put into place a corporate governance plan to make sure all parties are held accountable for decisions that could be costly in the end.

Kym Gordon Moore, author of “Diversities of Gifts: Same Spirit” and “Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry” is an award winning poet, author, speaker, philanthropist, certified email marketing specialist and an authority in strategic marketing. She is the administrator of the Tea and Poetry Book Club, co-founder of Favorite Things for a CAUSE and selected as one of the 2012 U.S. World Book Night Volunteer Book Givers.

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